Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ulrik Munther does not avoid the dark – Helsingborgs Dagblad

While looking feature film debut director Magnus von Horn and producer Madeleine Ekman for a young guy who could play the role of John the charged drama “Aftershocks”. Two actors had already dropped out of the job when the filmmakers saw Ulrik Munthers image online.

– I got to come in casting but I had no idea if I could do it. I never had dreams of acting but I stretch read the script on the cell phone and knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do, he says.

No Chance went home. Ulrik Munther made it through all the auditions, the film was shot, and now he sits at a beach restaurant in Cannes and brushes the sand from your feet. While the film will premiere at the film festival he releases also the album “All I wanted to say,” with lyrics by Jonas Gardell

– Somewhere I think that music will always be our number one priority. But it is stimulating to play a role and only do what is in the script and not constantly feel that you have to be this “nice guy”, he says and continues:

– When you’ve grown up in the spotlight that I will analyze it themselves pretty much. It was nice for a change just shit in all that stuff trying to adapt and just get to be a little dark and obrydd.

John is undeniably a person carrying a large dark. In the film, returns home to his father and brother for two years at an institution where he has served a sentence. The film is set in a small community near Trollhättan and Ulrik Munther did prepare a farm for a month.

– I got to practice, get up early and drive a tractor, sweeping and so. It was really tough but I think Magnus wanted to break down a little bit before the shooting.

Faced with the real challenging scenes was Ulrik Munther hard-pressed by director .

– I really tried to do my best but sometimes it was not enough. Then Magnus could yell at me and I felt that hell, I do not deliver. And so I felt bad about it, but I take the now that it was his idea. It was good, I enjoyed it a peaceful and stable in my life so it was probably good to feel a little bad.

How do you think to your old fans will react to the movie?

– No matter what they think they will be affected. But yes, there will be something new, I and John are not equal at all. But I do not see that he is an evil person. I like him very much.

“Aftershocks” appears in the section Directors fortnight and on Thursday there will be a gala premiere.

– The feeling that I’ll sit there with 799 others and see the movie on this big screen, it’s really exciting. But what about people than react, I feel that I have already won the lottery. They found me, I had to make the movie and then go to Cannes. It is once in a lifetime


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