Friday, May 15, 2015

The star guest plays in the success of Gothenburg – Gothenburg Post

Look, look! No less than Danny Saucedo is the first to make a cameo role in Gothenburg’s new humor favorites Different people.

The GP has previously written about the Gothenburg trio Anton Hellström, Adam Axelsson and Ossian Melin, who made a success of Instagram with his fifteen-second skits.

Fun group has been praised high and low for their imitations of everyday life. They claim that they want to laugh with people and avoid class contempt or blemish comedy.

The other day released a short film clip entitled “When that little had to wait for a friend’s place when the friend’s family ate dinner.”

Location: Gullmarsplan.

Guest Starring: Danny Saucedo!

Poor Danny emit a small pitiful sigh when he is left alone in the middle during a hockey game, then buddy to eat food. Sötchocksvarning issued.

Footnote: A day later pops Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson in the sketch “worker trying to impress his colleagues over lunch. But he has misunderstood jargon altogether.” They are not quite as sweet.

But one can safely say that things are going well now for different people.


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