Saturday, May 16, 2015

Two couples went out of the “Let’s Dance” – Aftonbladet

End Danced.

Gunhild Carling and Steffo Tornquist had to leave jubileumssäongen of “Let’s Dance” tonight.

– I so wanted to win, I thought I would fight like a pig, says Gunhild Carling.

It was the jazz musician Gunhild Carling , 40 and “Nyhetsmorgon” -profilen Steffo Törnquist , 59, got to say goodbye “Let’s Dance 10″ tonight. For the first time ever had two couples leave the competition in the same program.

– It’s okay, a bit empty because we had good plans and would train tomorrow. But more than that, it is not, says Steffo Törnquist.

Fell in spite voice coup

He and Cecilia Ehrling pasodoble was not all the way, and with their 22 points, the couple received the lowest scores of all participants by the jury. That despite Steffo spiced dance with surprising tattoo coup.

– I tattooed myself and did as the bull Ferdinand, and wrote Tony. It turned out the be a big mistake, because then became of course the other judges acidic and pulled down the score. A useless coup simply, he says.

“Wanted win”

Gunhild Carling did not she some top marks by the jury and was disappointed then subsequently also by viewers. She is sincerely disappointed at the loss, but above all for dance partner Kristjan Lootus of it.

– I so wanted to win, I thought I would fight like a pig to Kristjan would win. Now it was not so, and I can only say sorry Kristjan, she says.

But despite the disappointment, she is proud of the company she left the competition with.

– It could have been much worse, but now I stood there with Steffo. And it was not so very bad it is.


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