Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mans Zelmerlöw went on to the final of the ESC – Aftonbladet

VIENNA. The favorite did not disappoint.

Mans Zelmerlöw went on to the finals of the Eurovision song contest – despite a small mistake in the beginning of the stage show.

– It feels very good. It was a fantastic evening, says Måns.

He came, he sang – and he was hailed by the whole of Europe.

Mans Zelmerlöw just did what everybody thought he should do in tonight’s semi. He made it to the grand finale on Saturday.

At the press conference was Måns jubilant.

– I am both happy and relieved. And tense before Saturday. But we will probably have time to party a little. But just a little, I promise, ‘he says.

“Fight for first place”

But Zelmerlöw was not completely satisfied with the performance.

– There are several good songs in the final. There are some things I could have done better in the evening. I had to hurry into the second verse of the movements. But it feels good anyway. If I put it, I think I can be and fight to win the final.

From the international press got Måns questions about allegations of “Heroes” is a plagiarism David Guetta “Lovers on the sun.”

– I do not think they are so similar but perhaps the structure is similar, but if you analyze tones, it is not two tones are equal, says Måns.

Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Bjorkman:

– I am cruelly satisfied with Måns and choir. It sounded crazy good. Ideal energy from Mans, pictures sat and technology worked perfectly, says Sweden’s head of delegation Christer Björkman .
– Måns did a fantastic number. If he delivers in this way on Saturday, we are fighting for first place.

During the press conference it was also clear that Måns will get to express its “Heroes” during the finale first half.

Miss the beginning

At the beginning of his show set Mans Zelmerlöw little misplaced. It led him to miss the first effect.

But what made it really. The rest of the issue went almost entirely according to plan, and afterwards celebrated together with the bubble in the green room. The crowd in the stadium celebrated Swede’s show. And TV viewers across Europe also loved what they saw and heard.

According to every single expert and pundits, it was initially almost certainly Mans Zelmerlöw would make it through the evening’s semifinals.

Also in the final is the Swede big favorite. A game that Måns wins final victory does not give much more than money back at gaming companies.

However, the upload has not been perfect for Lunda Pagen. During Wednesday’s rehearsal there were problems with both the vocals and production.

There were Christer Björkman to send a list of demands for changes before the semi-finals.

– Had this been a Saturday, I had not been happy, ‘said Bjorkman Nöjesbladet after the dress rehearsal.

Australia are using

The other countries who made it from the other semifinal, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan , Cyprus, Montenegro and Norway.

From the first semi-final the following countries are clear: Albania, Armenia, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Belgium and Estonia.

All these may be in the final company of the “big five” – ​​ie France, Spain, Germany, Britain and Italy, who are directly qualified. Last year’s winner’s country of Austria is of course also clear in advance. In view of the ESC’s 60th anniversary will also Australia to compete in the final.

On Saturday night, slamming it.


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