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Large sabotage against men Zelmerlöw the ESC – Expressen

Eurovision press manager Jarmo Siim darkened that he tried to sabotage Mans Zelmerlöw in the Eurovision Song Contest, according to Aftonbladet.

But the message to a journalist who asked to try to destroy the victory tipped Swedish hope came from the press manager’s Facebook account, writes Aftonbladet.

The information was first published in a column belonging to the Greek newspaper Paron proved accurate.

In early April, sent a message direct from the Eurovision press manager Jarmo Siims Facebook profile of a Greek journalist, reported Aftonbladet. In the message, he urged him to continue to discredit Mans Zelmerlöws song “Heroes”, writes Aftonbladet.

“Between us, fotsätt attack the Swedish song and put pressure on us,” it said in the statement according to Aftonbladet.

Decided to remove Måns let

In April there were also several Eurovision blogs and news sites wrote about the similarities between “Heroes” and David Guetta’s song “Lovers on the sun.” It was also written about the similarities between stage appearance and a YouTube video made by a French performance artist.

It was then that the official site, as Jarmo Siim manage, decided to remove Måns Melodifestivalen Dominant with arguing that it raised suspicions of copyright infringement, according to Aftonbladet.

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The journalist: “The message is genuine”

Earlier, Expressen received emails from George Myrinos who claims to have written the article. He claims that the message is genuine.

“About the statement of Jarmo Siim, we know that it is genuine. It was sent to a Greek journalist who wrote articles about the Swedish contribution” Heroes, “wrote George Myrinos in an email where he also claims that it all boils down to some parties do not want Sweden to be hosting and broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest.

Aftonbladet writes that the newspaper met the journalist who received the message sent to him and shall also have obtained access to his Facebook account where they will have the message to Siims official profile.

For Expressen says Siim he still denies the incident.

– I still have no memory of me should have written that, he said on Friday evening.

Siim has previously denied

When Expressen talked with Jarmo Siim on Monday, he denied that he sent such a message.

– I did not write this. I was quite surprised to see it, says Siim and continued:

– I did not write this, it would be completely unreasonable. We work so hard to help everyone.

At the same time meant Siim then that he did not recognize the article.

– I know about the article. I do not recognize it, we are here to support everyone as good as possible.

– I’m surprised to see this, we work 24 hours a day. It is a shame that this article is on the Web because it is not true.

– We said no such thing, we hope that people see that we are doing our best.

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Bjorkman: “Will obviously have reactions”

After the new data emerged Aftonbladet talked with the Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Bjorkman.

– If it is true and will come back from the EBU that they change their position so we will certainly have a reaction to it. I do not want to move the focus from Måns and just focus on what we should do, which is to compete, he tells the magazine.

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