Saturday, May 23, 2015

Måns Zelmerlöws hit the jury at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – Swedish Television

Mans Zelmerlöw was almost flawless at the dress rehearsal before juries. But there is one thing that could be better to Saturday evening.

He missed his fistbump with dash old man barely. Otherwise put all the technical details almost perfect for Mans Zelmerlöw on Friday night rehearsal of the final in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Yet the protagonist self-critical in the bus on the way back to the hotel.

– For the common man I do not think it does so much difference, but I have ten percent to give tomorrow evening. It will direct transmission and two hundred million viewers, he says to

“Hard to tag off”

The juries have half the power in Eurovision, and they did their assessment during the dress rehearsal. It was decided then half results. But the carrot was not enough all the way, says Måns Zelmerlöw.

– There will unfortunately not the same. Even if you know that juries will be watching the rope-esteem, he said.

– It was very hard to tag started after yesterday’s discharge. But I think I was at a good level. I added a little smile and thought that everything was sitting on the level of detail.

In addition, there have been discussions about fashion choices, but now it is clear. The shirt will be the same as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Two main competitors

Mans Zelmerlöw has always followed the Eurovision Song Contest detail. Despite his own role, he draws himself not to discuss and tipping the other grants.

– I find it hard to decide my own position, but I am convinced that Italy and Russia are up there and fight, he says of the results.

has changed about Australia

Mans Zelmerlöw has previously stressed Australia as the toughest competitor. But after watching the rehearsals, he is more doubtful.

– I do not think that number stand out enough. He sings svinbra and it is a huge competently numbers, but it does not happen as much in three minutes. He is also entitled early, and it feels as if it should stand out sharply then.

Australia goes out as number 12 of the 27 entries. Sweden will start as number 10th

Relaxed Bjorkman

Christer Björkman gives Mans Zelmerlöw thumbs up and dismisses the significance of the details. It’s the big picture that counts, says the head of delegation.

– I watch the details I know are important for Måns. He wants to put all the stuff on the screen in the verses. The rest he can do little as he wants. But I felt that it was technically very well today, he said.

After watching the dress rehearsal he knows what viewers have to look forward to on Saturday night.

– The competition and Conchita I think that is the proceeds of this broadcast. She is a genuinely lovely, and I think there are a number of very fine number. The lighting is also good and very much in harmony with the scene.


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