Friday, May 29, 2015

He won the “Let’s Dance 10″ – Aftonbladet

What a success!

When the jubilee season of “Let’s Dance” is over, it is clear that Anton Hysén is again the winner.

Thus, the footballer has won the contest twice.

– I am speechless, it’s completely crazy, he says in TV4 after the win.

One wanted to defend his title, the other wanted to take revenge.

Both Anton Hysén , 24, and Morgan Alling , 46, got full marks by the jury in the final dance, the show number.

But after that viewers had their say after the regular fight, it was clear that the big favorite Anton Hysén won the “Let’s Dance 10″.

Two glass shoes

Thus, he now has a full two fine glass shoes to adorn the bookcase with. A pair of shoes that does not match. But even so, Anton Hysén and dance partner Sigrid Bernson overjoyed after the victory.

– I am speechless, it’s crazy. It’s amazing. We have toiled and fought and done all we can for this, says Anton Hysen who got a champagne shower of Steffo Törnqvist after the win.

Tony: “He ought to be a dancer”

In following the broadcast says jury chairman Tony Irving Anton become so good now that he should be in the “Let’s Dance” as dancers, not as participants. And the runner-up Morgan Alling begrudge him the win.

– He’s a great dancer, sick skillful and a great person and role model for many, says Morgan Alling in TV4′s redirection.

Meanwhile, he gives their fans a boot.

– I think they were asleep, he said.

Anton difficult to put into words why it went so well again.

– I am myself, let loose and have a lot of fun just, he says afterward.

Just as he did when he won the 2012, Anton Hysén now deliver on its promise and tattooed his victory in the calf.

Now he celebrate the win.

– Then I’m going home to Gothenburg where I have not been to two and a half weeks, so it will be good.

In the final, got Magnus Samuelsson and Arja Saijonmaa leave the competition already in half.

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