Saturday, May 30, 2015

Missing woman still away – Västerbotten Folkblad

News.  F & # xF6; rsvunnen Late last night a woman was reported missing from his home in Bjurvattnet outside Bjurholm. The woman sought including by helicopter.


The woman born in 1936. Approximately 160 cm long, gray hair, sharp.

Dress Black jacket, jeans, sandals.

Contact: any comments dialed in to the police on tel 11414

It was at 22: 45 pm on Friday night as the woman, who is in his 80s, was reported missing.

Then had relatives sought the woman then 17: 30 o’clock. Police with dog handlers and a helicopter was immediately into the search, and during the whole night searching the woman.

During the Saturday morning, the police have changed the personnel on the spot and also waiting for help from the Home Guard.

Handlers from Norrbotten and Västernorrland are on the way as well as a helicopter from the mountains.

In all, a dozen police officers will be on hand, and some 20 people from the Home Guard to help.

The officer in charge at the police Dan Andersson also hope for help from the Voluntary Motorcycle Corps because there is a huge road network to scan.

– Just in that area, it is safe 20 mil way to check, he says.

Primarily concentrated in the search of the roads in the area. Police have also some tracks to follow up.

The police also hope for help from the public and invites neighbors to check their outbuildings, barns and more.

Updated 16:50 : On Saturday afternoon the woman was still missing. Sökinsatser is in full swing, including dogs, helicopters and personnel from the Home Guard.

Updated 20:40: At 20: 30 pm on Saturday night the woman was still missing. Sökinsatsen is still going on.

Update 23:30: At 23: 30 pm, the woman was still not found. The search will continue throughout the night on Sunday.


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