Monday, May 18, 2015

Lasse Aberg may Pirate price 2015 – Express

Lasse Åberg is this year’s Pirate Laureates. It announced Fritiofsberg Nilsson Piraten Society at the ‘traditional announcement next to the pump housing in Vollsjö today.

A few minutes after noon on Monday greeted the Pirate Society Chairman Mikael Persson, they gathered at the pump casing welcome.

Shortly thereafter announced board member Sigge Cederlund to Lasse Åberg will receive this year’s Pirate Price. Already well into the justification audience could guess who prize winner was.

– This year’s laureates have with unobtrusive and accurate humor entertained us for almost 50 years, as actors, musicians, directors, writers, designers, artists and collectors of everything related to Mickey Mouse to make, said Sigge Cederlund.


Lasse Åberg was himself on location in Vollsjö and was received with applause when he stepped out of the pump housing with a large bouquet of flowers.

– I was very surprised when I got the call recently. It has been difficult to keep it a secret. But I’m very flattered, he said.

For SVT Sydnytt says Lasse Åberg he likes Fritiofsberg Nilsson Piraten.

– I think his tombstone is a role model and his books are very fine.

What he will do with the prize money of 100 000, he does not know yet. The price he takes in recognition.

– It gives a little shot in the arm, it’s always nice to get a pat on the shoulder, he said to SVT.

Since 1989

Fritiofsberg Nilsson Piraten Society Each year the Pirate Prize to artists who work in the author’s spirit.

The prize consists of 100 00 crowns and is sponsored by Sparbanken Syd Ystad sorts, Simrishamn and Saturn. The prize has been awarded since 1989, this year’s awards ceremony is the 27th of the scheme.

Here are the last ten years of award winners:

2014 – Gosta Ekman

2013 – Claes Eriksson

2012 – Leif GW Persson

2011 – Katarina Mazetti

2010 – Carin Mannheimer

2009 – Torgny Lindgren

2008 – Niklas Rådström

2007 – Claes Hylinger

2006 – Jesper Thilo

2005 – Jan Sigurd

Source: Pirate Society

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