Monday, May 25, 2015

A six year old boy fell – was captured by neighbor – Expressen

The six-year old boy was playing in the window and fell from the third floor – straight down onto a concrete staircase.

Then managed a neighbor Fathe Abasi miraculous catch him in his arms. Now he tells Swedish Radio Kalmar of the drama.

– I saw a boy hanging from the window so I ran from my apartment and to help him, he says.

The alarm was received at the police at eight o’clock on Sunday evening from Gunnebo in Västervik.

A man in his 50s told me that he had seen six year old boy climbing in a window on the third floor.

He then ran out to the yard – and managed to catch the boy in the high case from the window.

– It was another neighbor who witnessed the incident, says Calle Persson, information officer at the police’s Southern region.

Had it not been for neighboring hero as the boy had fallen about seven meters – straight down onto a concrete staircase.

– It is a heroic effort. He has almost certainly saved the boy’s life and prevented him from getting serious injuries, says Calle Persson.

Swedish Radio Kalmar met the hero behind the drama – Fathe Abasi. He tells how he saw the dangerous situation when he sat at the kitchen table and looked out the window. The reaction was immediate:

– When I saw the baby I was just thinking about how I could help him. I was not thinking about anything else, if I would hurt myself or the like. I just thought of how I could catch him, saying Fathe Abasi.

After he managed to take the boy fell Fathe himself to the ground.

– I have a little pain in the shoulder and back in the day but it does not matter. I hope that all the people helping other people, he said.

Sprang there to check out

Now turned out instead to be the boy unharmed when he was taken to hospital. Neither neighbor appears to have been damaged in connection with that he caught the boy, according to police.

Alexander Haitin, 31, witnessed the dramatic progress. He had just cooked for her son when he heard a thud against his window.

– I thought it was someone threw something, but I ran there to check, he says.

Then he started to imagine what happened. Down in the courtyard, he saw a man with a little boy in her arms.

– I asked what they were doing and the man told me that the boy had fallen from the apartment above me, says Alexander Haitin.

Alexander Haitin ran down the yard to see if he could help, and felt then again six year old neighbor boy. The boy lives right above him and Alexander usually hear him.

– The boy was very scared, but he looked to be okay. He could stand on its own, but complained that he had little hurt. He had fallen straight down, I do not know what would have happened, says Alexander Haitin.

Clutching his son

Shortly thereafter came the boy’s father running.

– I do not know if he had seen what happened, but he hugged his son, Alexander Haitin.

Then came the ambulance and police to the scene. Hilmo Ibesevic, 56, sat on his balcony of the neighboring house and drank coffee with his sons when he heard the ambulance.

– When I saw the ambulance, I thought it was an old person hit by something, but then came it is an ambulance and a police car. Then I was sure it was some kind of brawl. I could never imagine that something like this had happened, he said.


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