Sunday, May 31, 2015

Strength and cunning gave Rundqvist victory – Göteborgs-Posten

She has been praised for his rock-hard physique and mental strength. But in the final of the Masters champion was the cunning strategy of thinking that made Danijela Rundqvist this year’s winner.

– It was a cool feeling, it was joy mixed with ” is this really true ?! “. It’s a little as I am when I compete, even though I fall down so I rise up – and so it has been throughout my career. There seems to be a winning concept, she says.

From the beginning, the three in the game, but the wrestler Sara Dikanda had big problems with the puzzle installation and ring throwing in the pursuit, and had to leave the program. In the final battle between Bjorn Lind and Danijela Rundqvist was the water duel that proved decisive. Although Lind at the paper had an advantage was Rundqvist who emerged victorious from race and could quickly move to the next event.

– I knew that Bjorn was very good at holding your breath. He has been able to hold their breath for several minutes earlier. As for the race, I thought “oh, what shall I have for tactics now?”.

The strategy was to go up to the surface more quickly, but stay there a very short time. Björn Lind on the other hand, stayed long in the water and therefore needed more time to recover above the surface. But despite the management took Danijela Rundqvist not until the closing seconds that she had victory in their hands.

– I did not think I would win until I fired the last shot and the fire began to burn. It was a bit surreal, but obviously a lot of fun. And it was especially exciting to be able to see all children and young people out there that anything is possible, no matter what you do.

Is it particularly important that you represent damhockeyn?

– Yes, girls and damhockey players may not have the best conditions in Sweden today. I hope to be able to contribute to that they get better. Then maybe they can feel extra proud and think “she also plays hockey.”

When she gets to summarize the time in the Masters champion, it will be with the words “joy and adventure.” Danijela Rundqvist really appreciated that meet all of the former elite athletes who participated in the SVT series and also loved the feeling of getting plunge into something she’s never done before.

Some of competition rounds looked very distressing out. What did you think was the worst?

– It’s nothing against the thousands of training sessions I have had with my teams over the years. It is clear that many races were tough and hard, but mostly I think such is just fun.

Facts / Danijela Rundqvist

Born in 1984 in Stockholm.

Started playing hockey at age 13. Currently plays for Djurgarden Hockey.

Have participated in the Olympics in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Played for HK Tornado in Russia in 2011-2012.

Has played over 200 international matches for Sweden and done 41 goals.

Current: the winner of SVT’s Masters champion.


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