Saturday, May 23, 2015

Here are Måns biggest threat in tonight’s final – Aftonbladet

Italy, Russia and Australia have been painted as his biggest threat.

But now switches Mans Zelmerlöw up to shake off the competition.

– I should be swine tired but somebody remarkable extra power is switched on, he said late last night after rehearsal.

Campaign DO 200 000 – Try Plus for 1 crown

Despite the low odds on the betting sites and high rankings on services like Spotify and iTunes Mans Zelmerlöw , 28, hardly count the victory in advance.

There are several threats. Some of them are spelled Russia, Italy and the start number 10 of 27th

– Italy has been a revelation. So they are dangerous. It was we, and Italy all the way. And that, I think it will be the end also says Christer Björkman , Head of the Swedish delegation.

He points out that the boot order is ideal for precisely Russia or Italy. They are third-last, and last.

– They lie where they lie. Clearly it’s great for them. At the same time, it is a hell of a long ballad chunks before. How ready are you to open your arms for the Russian midtempo ballad after seven in a row? I’m not sure, says Björkman.

“kit in the arena”

Gianluca Ginoble , the Italian star trio Il Volo is determined to beat Mans tonight:

– You can not compare our two songs. But of course, as everyone knows, extends Italian music around the world, as Andrea Bocelli and Pavarotti done. We are Italians, we are young, we are strong. We want to bring back the Eurovision to Italy, he says to Aftonbladet.

Russian Polina Gagarina is not as confident as the Italians, even though the odds dropped and her efforts hailed.

– I do not try to predict what will happen. I’m always prepared for everything, and then we’ll see, she says.

Bjorkman describes how Zelmerlöw held back during the first dress rehearsal on Friday.

– I asked him not to do with any energy at all. Fuck the arena and was just in his head, he said.

Mans obeyed. And found another gear.

Friday evening’s second rehearsal meant a real situation, because juries are using it as the basis for its assessment.

– I should be swine tired but somebody remarkable extra power is switched on. There will be a lot of energy left when it really counts, writes Mans Zelmerlöw in a text message after the dress rehearsal.

“170 million watching”

But while Zelmerlöw worked on the backburner during parts of Friday wrote several sites, such as the Norwegian TV2, the former plagiarism allegations, that “Heroes” would be too similar to the David Guetta hit song “Lovers on the sun.” The topic has been discussed frequently on social media after a press conference where international journalists brought up the subject.

– I think nothing has any importance right now except the delivery. In the evening, the 170 million who are watching and to press a button to vote. They decide. The promillen reading sites have no effect, says Björkman.

Counting remove newcomer

Australian Guy Sebastian has long had low odds, but has lost toward the end. Christer Björkman goes so far as to deduct the contribution from the game.

– I have no good answer to why. But it’s a gut feeling. The guy’s great, but the settings are not in 2015. He has fallen for me, he says.

Meanwhile, Australia have the advantages of being a newcomer as commentators and program several times going to talk about during the broadcast. In addition, Guy Sebastian one of the country’s biggest male artists.

– Australia has not done Eurovision before, and the only risk is that I would bomb. But if I sing good and the performance is good and I still bombarded so I do not really, says Guy Sebastian Nöjesbladet.

After the last rehearsal was Måns Zelmerlöw not completely satisfied with his performance:

– I thought the number was floating on as it should. There was certainly a miss here and there. But I polish it until it’s time seriously, he writes.


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