Friday, May 22, 2015

Eurovision-chief speaks out for malicious rumor – Expressen

Aftonbladet reports that the data on the Eurovision press officer attempted sabotage Mans Zelmerlöw is confirmed.

He should have called a Greek journalist trying to destroy the Swedish hope, writes the newspaper.

Now talking Siims out.

– We have not received any evidence despite the fact that we have asked for it. We can not do anything if we do not have any proof, he says to Expressen.

In early April, sent a message directly from Eurovision Press Manager Jarmo Siims Facebook profile to a Greek journalist, reported Aftonbladet. In the message, he urged him to continue to discredit Mans Zelmerlöws song “Heroes”, said Aftonbladet.

Now talking Siims out

Now talking Jarmo Siims out of the data.

– We have not received any evidence despite the fact that we have asked for it. We can not do anything if we do not have any proof, says Jarmi Siims Expressen.

– I still have no memory of that, I should have written it there.

So ​​you claim still it is false?

– Yes I do.

So ​​you mean that Aftonbladet and the Greek writer lying?

– I claim nothing. We have asked for proof that we have not received. When we get the evidence we can comment further.

– We are here to support all participants and we measure the fact that we devote as much attention at all.

– Although the has been able to verify my profile that is no proof that I have sent such a thing, or I would have failed indulged any country.

At the same time he says that he does not want to speculate what might be behind the message sent to the Greek journalist.

– I do not want to speculate on who made it. This is something that has been directed against me personally, and of course it is hard for me. I’ve worked so hard for seven years to ensure that all competitors receive as much support and this kind of thing, a character assassination, does not represent the work I’ve put in.

– My managers stand by that they believe in me and have full confidence in the whole team.

Bakker: “Have not been able to demonstrate evidence”

Even EBU Sietse Bakker, Event Supervisor has spoken out about the event .

“We have repeatedly asked the Times about to show the evidence they claim to have and let us investigate the allegations, first published in an anonymous Greek blog entry. Aftonbladet has failed to show any evidence of us. If they do, we will obviously look at it, “he writes in a statement.

When Expressen ask Bakker if you still have confidence Jarmo Sims and if he thinks he’s telling the truth, he replies:

– If Aftonbladet can show proof to us, we will obviously look at it, and take it from there. It is disappointing that it is not done that, and all I can say is that I’m very proud of the work he and his team are doing, almost around the clock these days, for the benefit of the Eurovision Song Contest and all racing through the website and Social media, he says.


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