Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wyclef: Sweden should create jobs for the beggars – Expressen

He is a producer, musician, actor and he’s a candidate to become Haiti’s president.

On Thursday steps hiphop miracle Wyclef Jean up on Liseberg.

But before he has time to both pay tribute to Sweden, Swedish women – and give their perspective on the vexed question of the beggars.

During the Thursday strikes Liseberg amusement park and the Hard Rock Café forces to deliver evening concept Hard Rock Rocks and the unchallenged largest the name is a hip-hop legend Wyclef Jean.

– I was just at Six Flags with my daughter. I love amusement parks and I saw that Liseberg has a new roller coaster is one of the highest rated in the world. It will be fun to play – and to go, he said.

“Far more than beautiful”

And that is hardly his first visit to Sweden. In 1999, he led the MTV Europe Music Awards in Stockholm and since then it has become many visits.

– Sweden is one of my favorite places in the world. I have lots of friends here and I like the energy here. I think for an artist who lives with creativity, Sweden is a good country.

He also fits on to confirm – and further fuel – the myth of the “Swedish women are beautiful.”

– It is an understatement to Swedish women are beautiful. You have to create a new word for what the Swedes are too beautiful, just a word, Swedish women are far more than beautiful. I will be sure to create a new word, says Wyclef Jean.

He has had a proper break in delivering the album, but soon released Clefication – the first plate since 2010. In recent years he has been in Instead, among other things, devoted himself to politics.

Do not believe in giving money

He was a candidate in the presidential election in their home country Haiti in 2010 and also share happy to share their solutions on infected debates underway in Sweden. During the interview he gives, among other things, its view of begging.

– I have never believed in giving money to someone to do once they are back again the next day. I think instead: what is the economic solution. So I think that Sweden has to work for an economical solution where, for example, may be able to offer these people jobs. I’m sure that if a man able to walk around and ask for money then it can also work.

Wyclef Jean continues:

– You have to think: what can they do instead to beg – and what you can do for them to avoid having to beg.


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