Thursday, May 28, 2015

King Fury “is so stupid – and crazy entertaining – Aftonbladet

So stupid, so stupid, so stupid.

And so delightfully crazy entertaining.

“King Fury” is similar really no other ever seen in Swedish film.

The story of the film itself is the sheer tale.

An amateur team from Umeå to make a 1980- century-like action comedy, with elements which rather makes it a parody of the genre, and finance the film with his own money.

When they put up a trailer to the collection site Kickstarter, it becomes a crazy success and they get more money (over five million) than they have ever had even dared to hope for.

The music video viral success

Since they engage another icon from the 1980s, David Hasselhoff, to sing the song for the end credits. The music video for it will also become a viral success.

And then Hollywood interested in making a movie of “King Fury”. Negotiations are in progress.

All this before the film had even been shown in public.

World Premiere of the short film program, the film is 30 minutes long, in Cannes festival lateral section Quanzaine des Réalisateurs. Not too shabby for a film of this genre.

And now, the entire Swedish people see this crazy action comedy.

David Sandberg has written the script and directed and also makes the lead role, King Fury, tough cop in 1980′s Miami, Florida.

In a furious pace we are invited to time travel from the 1980s to both thousands of years back in time to World War II.

Monsters and King Fuhrer

There are arcade games that turn into monsters, kung fu masters, Adolf Hiter as King Fuhrer – there you have the film’s main villain – the police, the god Thor, hundreds of Nazi soldiers, second crooks and assorted monsters and prehistoric animals and curvy women ( Eleni Young, Helena Ahlson ) in too tight clothes.

There are fights, car chases, fired the heads, bodies that split the middle address, explosions, shootings, car chases and … in the middle of it all, it can be a most unexpected commercial parody.

There’s a scene in the middle of that does not have something else to do in the “action”, more than we get to laugh at Björn Gustafsson and Magnus Betnér as Nazi soldiers sitting and arguing about each other’s mustaches. Troubled fun!

The word of the game does not exist, everything is exaggerated and David Sandberg police talking with exaggerated bass voice US, much like those men can be heard in trailers for action movies.

It is not good in the normal sense. It is, after all, a kind of parody. The actors have acted against a green screen, then all have effects added in afterwards, and sometimes they are certainly conscious bad.

But it gets crazy entertaining, then the inventiveness, the quirky and fun ideas and feel for the genre, well has never been so free space in a Swedish movie. At least not since Mats Helge Olsson was the B-action movies in Vastergotland on – you guessed it – the 1980s.

had its world premiere at the Cannes Festival Friday, May 22 The evening shows on SVT 2, 22:15.


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