Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pregnant cows got stuck in the swamp – Aftonbladet

Three pregnant cows got stuck in the morning in a swamp.

But the rescue succeeded with their special equipment to release the cows.

– They’re up everybody , safe and sound, and bask in the sun, says Peter Delwér, staff manager.

The rescue services were called to a farm outside Svenljunga shortly after 10 am on Sunday, reports BT.

Three pregnant cows had gone down in a quagmire and stuck. The rescue services arrived at the scene and together with the farmer to do everything to get the cows. But there was a risk of problems.

– They weigh the 600 kg apiece in that they are pregnant. So it is heavy pieces, says Peter Delwér.

Special equipment

In addition, as was the terrain around the swamp inaccessible. But the emergency services have been specially designed equipment to handle this type of events.

– We have customized all-terrain vehicle with a crane. It is relatively common for these kinds of events occur, both horses, cows and moose sometimes go down, says Peter Delwér.

Successful rescue

After an hour the rescue succeeded. All three cows are now free from the swamp.

– We were about a dozen people from the fire department and the farmer had been there a little people too, so then we became strong, says Peter Delwér.

Around the swamp where the cows were stuck had a number of other cows gathered, according to Peter Delwér. Maybe they did not abandon his friends in need.

When the cows well came out of the swamp they were safe and sound but somewhat cooled down.

– But now they lie and bask in the sun, says Peter Delwér.


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