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Unclear what Swedish city that Eurovision 2016 – Today’s News





Sweden organizes the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. SVT looking forward to the task.

“Måns has become everyone’s hero,” says Hanna Stjärne, CEO of SVT.






Sweden organizes the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. SVT looking forward to the task.

“Måns has become everyone’s hero,” says Hanna Stjärne, CEO of SVT.

The time 0:44 on Saturday night was clear. Mans Zelmerlöw took the victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. This means that Sweden will arrange the race 61st edition next year.

Mans Zelmerlöw has resulted in a large favoritism before the final. Just as for the final three years ago, when Loreen won with the song “Euphoria”, SVT has been prepared for the result could be a Swedish win.


– It is clear that we are hoped he would win but we have not taken anything out in advance. In the evening, at night and during the weekend we will rejoice Mans Zelmerlöw. After the weekend we will start planning to offer a fantastic music show in Sweden next year, says Hanna Stjärne, CEO of SVT DN.

– I’m incredibly happy and proud. Måns has become everyone’s hero, hero throughout Europe. I am pleased that there was such a world-class music and his television appearance, said Hanna Stjärne.

The formal time before organizer exclusion means that SVT receives a request from EBU, European Broadcasting Union, on stand organizer. SVT then sends the question to the regions and cities that are relevant for a host. Hanna Stjärne would not at present say what Swedish cities that can be considered as the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

– It is one of the questions that we will start looking at. It is far too early to say right now, says Hanna Stjärne.

In connection with Loreen won in 2012 told SVT’s leadership immediately to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö were the cities which had the potential to cope with honors. The announcement that Malmö awarded the contest was announced just over a month later.

Provisional dates for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest is on 10 and 12 May, the two semi-finals and 14 May as the final evening.

The costs of organizing knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest has repeatedly been high. SVT was therefore clear in their ambition for 2013 show would be more pared down. This is to recapture the democratic idea of ​​the contest and avoid such high notes as organizer exclusion resulted in, for example, Azerbaijan and Russia in previous years. SVT’s budget in 2013 was 125 million.

– We made an arrangement that was very appreciated, which had a clear idea of ​​the ‘We Are One “and who held high-class straight again. Moreover, we managed to make it much cheaper than before. We will bring us a lot of experience and lessons learned from the time, says Hanna Stjärne.

In 2016, owns SVT, , together with TV4, the broadcasting rights to the football championship in France . Whether the channel’s other programs are affected by the considerable resources now must be a priority for the Eurovision Song Contest is still unclear.

– We are constantly working long-term with our economy. We look at our economy over several years. It is a cherished difficult to arrange the entire European music festival. It will be very fun to welcome all countries and all delegations to a place somewhere in Sweden next year, says Hanna Stjärne.






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