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Taubes break that did not appear in the program – Expressen

Sven-Bertil Taube was a trace at the beginning of ” So much the better, “but that the artists were informed.

The reason – which was not explained in the program – was that TV4 out of consideration for the 80-year-old took the decision to rest him from the recordings.

– I never asked for any such favors, says Taube.

At the same time forced Taube refrain from activities because of his vision problems.

Miriam Bryant’s day “so much better” TV4 started with a joint breakfast in the kitchen.

Then took Miriam, Niklas Strömstedt, Philip “Phil” Living and Ison Glasgow a bike ride to Hoburgsgubben while Lisa Nilsson and Andreas Kleerup had little time the two of you.

But Sven-Bertil Taube, 80, was not to be.

The artist was absent during both breakfast and things and it is only When participants enter the barn for lunch as Sven-Bertil pops up, then escorted by Ison.

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The reason, which is not explained in the program, was to TV4 by concern for Sven-Bertil let him have a lie-in.

– We are open to them to take a lie-or nap in the afternoon, because it’s pretty intense days. There we talked about before, and said it will be possible to it, and the decisions were made gradually. Most often, they were told the night before that applied the day after, says Martin Nygren, a producer at TV4.

– He’s not on anything for obvious reasons. We have gone away from this whole that all must be uniform, sometimes you have to take a little sleep in and get saunter up look later in the day, said Martin Nygren.

According to him, it happened also at some point be Sven-Bertil Taube to bed earlier and therefore had to perform her song until dinner.

Sven-Bertil feels that he never asked for any favors, but it was TV4 let him rest.

– It was probably more that they decided that I needed to be with. They were a little kinder to me when I was needed, I could sleep for a while maybe. But all we were more or less all the time, and sometimes did not need me.

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Taube also had to forego certain activities because of synfelet.

– The fact that I do not see that, I can not be on some things and then it was natural to let me be when I was not needed. I can not, for example cycling and such.

Miriam Bryant, who was the protagonist of the day says that the performers were not informed of the reason for Sven-Bertil Taube’s absence.

But she says Sven-Bertil had to sleep in some mornings.

– I think he got little sleep. Neither I nor anyone knew that they darkened for us, but it was only: “Yes, it was so, then it was good.” There was never any funny business, she says.

– We do not begrudge him that he got a little fairer schedule, there has of course been taught that you become more tired when you get old.


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