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Malmö’s hottest street. The winner is … – Sydsvenskan

Description: Jonas Gillberg

Published October 15, 2015

Adun Suemue has opened a store in Malmö’s hottest street, Friisgatan. Photo: Peter Frennesson

What is Malmö’s hottest street? Round the Clock has a unique opinion poll and now we have the answer. In first place is enthroned … Friisgatan!

Jury total score: 39th (Read more here about how the score was compiled).

Name: The oldest part – between Skolgatan and Bergsgatan – was named in 1889 after the trader Hans Friis (1819 to 1887).

History The merchant Hans Friis opened restaurant Tunnel on Adelgatan and had great estates in Möllevången, including Möllevång farm at North Park Street. His son Ernst Friis (1854-1918) donated considerable land in the area to the City of Malmö. The street got its full length in 1904. Its striking curved character which expose row of houses in Raven and adds St. John’s Church in the fund can be attributed to then-city engineer Major Nilsson (1844-1936) as a passion for medieval gatmönster. Jimi played here, the club Bongo-New Orleans, 1967. Read more about Friisgatan and Raven’s End here.

Stretching: From the People’s Park to the Triangle.

Public Wrench: Kulturhuset Mazetti.

Newbie: Series Gallery Rooms for the series.

Malmö’s cultural passage. So try to launch street is the winner of the clock Runts “Malmö’s hottest street”. And there are certainly grounds for such a title. Friisgatan runs from the culture-filled People’s Park, past the cinema Panora and then follow everything in quick succession: the rock club Culture Company, Malmö City Archives, the Cultural Mazetti, photo gallery format, serial gallery rooms shows and then continuing culture trail when Friisgatan turns into St. John Street and away with art gallery, opera and Intima. Add to this the restaurants serving rawfood, Vietnamese street food and Mexican-Korean food and a tatuteringsstudio and an equal sex toy store.

“A few years ago a brand new attire. Now it seems that it is in the transformation again – maybe it has mellowed somewhat after the first honeymoon, “writes the jury.

The turnover of stores is really striking at Friisgatan and more is about to happen. A new coffee shop is about to open in the bankrupt Ambrosias premises and craft shop Adun Design opened last week.

Behind the Design Adun Adun is Suemue who came to Sweden from Thailand two years ago. Already in the spring of 2014 he opened a craft shop on Djäknegatan, but where trade has not taken off. Last week was very special to him. First he got a permanent residence permit in Sweden and a few days later, he opened a shop on Friisgatan. He already noticing a difference in the business.

– On Djäknegatan people went just past, but this is all the people, saying Adun Suemue who himself makes a big part of crafts. But he also takes the help of his niece in Thailand that sends the stroller toys and hairpins.

A short distance away on the street at the intersection with School Street is the design shop Hipstore who have just turned back. But the owner Dan Johansson’m not going to leave the room.

– I also run Tapetorama which is going very well and it has become a bit much to have two stores. So I close Hipstore, but has retained the contract to find a tenant who wants to push anything here, says Dan Johansson.

He envisions a café business, preferably with some cultural activities.

– Malmö’re talking about Friisgatan as a cultural street and I want to help ensure that it gets a good street. This venue is indeed a key venue for the whole street, says Dan Johansson.

Many people in the street talking about its potential, but they are difficult to get stores to go together. How is it for you?

– Yes, it’s tough for small retailers here. I have been able to afford it because I have Tapetorama, but the money does not move by itself. I think that we need to do something with the street, maybe turn it off sometimes and arranging markets or serve street food.

The Left wants to do on the street to the pedestrian street, what do you say about that?

– A pedestrian would be good. Most people I talked to about it is positive to the pedestrian zone, said Dan Johansson.

Another who is in favor of gågatutanken Christoffer Lundqvist who own sex toy shop Oliver & amp; Eva at Friisgatan.

– It would have been good. It is necessary that they do more stuff here. We got put up the lights themselves across the street at Christmas.

Are Friisgatan a good store from a business perspective?

– We had not had a chance to survive here if we had not had online sales, says Christoffer Lundqvist.

A player who recently left Friisgatan are shop Miloii who moved to Engelbrektsgatan, but the owner Karolina Vertus himself has not left Friisgatan.

– Friisgatan is a super nice street and I live there. However, landlords have a joy estimate of how many people pass through there purely business terms. After nine years at Friisgatan I moved last year to Engelbrektsgatan where it has found premises for the rent with better standards and better flow where tourists can find, says Karolina Vertus.

Rents seems on the other hand has been depressed now at Friisgatan. But one that remains in place is Micka Ella Sky Power who runs the Swedish art gallery on Friis street’s south side, where she is surrounded by homes. She opened the gallery on the street in 1989 and has seen all sorts of activities to pass by.

– It’s happened so much of good and evil. It is not easy to see when someone shoots a man. But City Tunnel has given street life and movement. Long term, it is clear that there has been a hugely positive development, says Micka Ella Sky Power.

The questions we ask ourselves: What will happen in Hipstores current premises? Who is going to open a café in Ambrosias old premises on the corner of South Förstadsgatan? When to the cinema Panora come loose and lick on its main floor with his imaginary restaurant? Does the rumor that the city of Malmö wants to place Inkonsts planned restaurant with entrance from Friisgatan?

Learn more about Malmö’s hottest streets here.

See the video reportage Sydsvenskan did on Friisgatan two years ago.


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