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Hugh Jackman: “Fun to play bad guys” – Expressen

LONDON. We have become used to seeing him as the hero, the good, the good-natured.

But Hugh Jackman has lately acquired a taste for the bad guys.

– It is much more fun to play the bad guys, it took a while before I realized it, he says when we meet in London.

And of course, he was as mean as the pirate Blackbeard in bioaktuella “Pan”.

There is a little group of the major Hollywood that has particularly good reputation. Stars that are nice, decent people with no diva also privately.

Tom Hanks is one of them. Will Smith another. And 47-year-old Hugh Jackman definitely belongs to the club.

– My mother was at the premiere of “Pan” the other day and was told that her son was one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, says Hugh Jackman in a hotel in London.

– I think we used to call it good upbringing, “she replied. “We taught him to behave himself. Otherwise, he gets a whack. “

Hugh Jackman during his film career for the most part also played” the good guy “on the silver screen. No one has done so many movie roles on the same comic book hero that he was, Wolverine.

But in his recent films, he has been anything but pleasant. He played a muscular RASCAL Neil Bloomkamps “Chappie” and in Joe Wright’s “Pan”, he plays the pirate Blackbeard at full volume.

Yes, it is hardly recognizable Hugh Jackman. But it is clear that he likes to play villains.

– There is much fun to play evil no. It is a little easier too. I’m a little slow for me, so it took a while before I realized that the hero after getting beaten throughout the film before he finally win the last fight.

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Hugh Jackman: “It was not in the script”

The bad guys often have the best replicas. Can do the craziest things. There, he was undoubtedly do as Blackbeard. His admission takes place before a large group of child workers in a mine in Neverland and all singing the Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

– It was not in the script. It was the director Joe Wright’s idea. It happened during the rehearsal and I thought it was a perfect entrance.

“Pan” is the latest in a series of films from Hollywood that provides the background story to the popular tales. Now it’s Peter Pan ride.

The movie takes rather large liberties and places, for example the document to the World War II where Peter Pan – played by Australian beginner Levi Miller – growing up in an orphanage in London.

On the nights will pirate ship sailing across the sky to abduct children to Neverland where Blackbeard use them as slave laborers. Anyone who knows his Peter Pan know that Captain Blackbeard did not figure in the story, but it makes the other hand, Captain Hook (Hook).

Jackman “Sexiest figure I played”

Hook is with in the film, James Hook (Garrett Hedlund) is his name, and here is actually an old friend of Peter Pan. Though a little hard to work with, they have. In JM Barrie’s original story is mentioned fact that Hook was the boatswain of Blackbeard.

– Blackbeard is portrayed as the ultimate nightmare for children, says Hugh Jackman. We discussed what is most frightening for children, and concluded that there is unpredictability.

– He can be kind of a moment, and diabolical in the next. There was a lot of fun.

Hugh Jackman looks like himself when we meet, the hair is normal. The two villain roles he has played have otherwise come up with odd hairstyles. In “Chappie” he had a terrible mullet and Blackbeard’s completely bald, but wearing the wig.

– My kids thought it was a bit strange, but really liked that I could walk around town without being recognized. They loved it.

– I’m not so sure that my wife liked it, but she likes the pirate attitude.

– She thought Blackbeard’s the sexiest figure I’ve played. It was a great summer!

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Rooney Mara: “Miss Salander”

Rooney Mara plays Tiger Lily in “Pan” but is otherwise in any case in Sweden, best known as Lisbeth Salander in the American version of Stieg Larsson’s first book. There has only ever been an American film in the trilogy, and Rooney Mara do not know if there will be some more.

– I miss her so much, she says. But I have no idea if there will be a few more films, or if I’m in that case have a role in it.

Though she says she likes Sweden and Stockholm, and she did a weekend trip there during the filming of “Pan” outside London.

– Garrett wanted I would take with a wooden horse to him and I did.

Garrett Hedlund explains why:

– My family is very Swedish. Grandfather named Hedlund, grandmother called Hedman, so she sacrificed not so much where they were married. I have never been to Sweden, but always dreamed of getting there.

Hmm, he’ll have to go there with Rooney next time.


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