Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today is October 21, 2015 – Here are ten ways to celebrate Back to … –

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 is a historic date. It is precisely on that day as a time traveler Marty McFly lands in Back to the Future Part 2.

Unlike other geek festivals such as Star Wars Day Pi Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day will be Here also the only chance to really celebrate popular culture is perhaps most famous journey.

So how do you celebrate this great movie? Pack your hoverboard and read our ten suggestions on suitable activities.


first Take an evening at the cinema


What fits much better than a movie marathon with full Back to the Future trilogy? Both SF and many independent cinemas has so clearly jumped on the bandwagon and showing all three films (total running time of 6 hours and 32 minutes).

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 SF shown trilogy in the following cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Bengtsfors, Eksjö, Enkoping, Grästorp, Götene, Hedemora, Hyltebruk, Hässleholm, Jakobsberg, Karlsborg, Karlshamn, Karlstad, Lidköping, Lund, Mjölby, Nora, Norrkoping, Ockelbo, Rimforsa, Ronneby, Svalöv, Saffle, Torsby, Trollhattan, Ulricehamn, Be, Varberg, Wilhelmina, Orebro, Ostersund.


second Check at the movies at home


It might actually easiest to enjoy over six hours of film at home on the couch. Ideally, you will unearth three old VHS tape (preferably with recorded TV4 advertising that you have to fast forward), but in an emergency, there are movies to buy or rent in any format.

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third Check on the new anniversary edition


Universal has decided that it is not enough to watch six hours of Michael J Fox bonanza. The day before they release a new mammoth edition of the trilogy on Blu-ray Disc complete with full animated series, two hours of bonus material and book Back to the Future: A Visual History.

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Edition seems not having reached the Swedish online stores but are to import in several places. The price tag is around 750 crowns.


4th Drink a Pepsi Perfect


In Back to the Future Part 2 Marty goes into a cafe and order a” Pepsi Perfect “from a robot waiter. It’s a marketing opportunity as soft drinks company will not hesitate to bite on.

October 21 Pepsi released a very limited edition of Back to the Future-soda. We need to be in if you want to drink out of the 6000 bottles available.


fifth Play games


There have been a handful of games based on Back to the Future, but it is easiest to get over is the Back to the Future: The Game released a couple of years ago.

game is available for most platforms, and released just in time for the anniversary also as a special edition for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It is developed by The Walking Dead studio Telltale Games , and is a really decent movie games.

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 There is also a back to the future expansion of Lego Dimensions and the popular mobile game Jetpack Joyride has received a dose of Marty McFly in time for the celebrations.


6th Get app


The imposing unnecessary App Back to the Future: Flux Capacitor was withdrawn from appbutikerna because of licensing hassles for a couple of years ago, but has now been released on new. For only 10 SEK you get an app that can do almost exactly nothing, but that looks mighty cool.

Key in your own time travel, listen to cool 80s-sounding sound effects, or use Back to the future- sound alarm clock. Yes, it has everything you could ask for. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


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