Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bomber in the Bishop’s Palace can be stuck on film – Göteborgs-Posten

The unknown blaster who attacked a house in the Bishop’s Palace may have been filmed.

The suspect offender who blew something that is believed to be a hand grenade at the facade of an apartment block on Dimvädersgatan in northern Biskopsgården on Tuesday evening, may have been filmed by a surveillance camera.

The camera is located under the roof of a neighboring house and to film out of a nearby parking space.

housing company, which owns rental property on the street, confirms that the general and public parts of the area is under camera surveillance. It’s about parking lots, parking garages, laundries and environmental stations.

However, the facade where the explosion took place no camera surveillance, since the area faces a wooded area.

Witness statements alleges to a slender, young man was seen running from the scene and jump into a car on the street.

The offender and the getaway car can be filmed by surveillance camera.

Have the police requested surveillance videos from the area from Tuesday night?

– I would think. We look at everything that can aid in the investigation, said Peter Adlersson, spokesperson of the police Western Region.

It was at eleven o’clock on Tuesday night that an explosion was heard across much of the residential area.

An object that may have been a hand grenade exploded at the facade on the ground floor and shrapnel had flown in through the window of an apartment where a woman was.

According to the police, she should have passed without injury.

Six apartments were damaged in the blast.

The property live , one of the men detained on suspicion of the murder of our restaurant and Bar on Vårväderstorget in March.

The technical examination of the explosive subject matter is not yet complete.

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