Monday, October 26, 2015

Bad “singer ported from musical – Vasterbotten Courier

A female visitor was thrown out of a performance of the musical “The Bodyguard” in the British Nottingham since she behaved aggressively toward other people in the audience, the BBC says.

The woman sang in the show’s song number in a way that interfered with a large part of the audience, who repeatedly shouted at her to stop.

The staff at The Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham let the woman be kept for more than 20 minutes, but chose to show her door when she started swearing at those who tried to silence her.

– It felt more like a football than a show, says musicals visitor Sacha Gainard.

“The Bodyguard” based on the movie of the same name by Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in the lead roles. The musical has made a success in the UK.


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