Sunday, October 18, 2015

Horror on the doll gets sequel – Vasterbotten Courier

The horror film “Annabelle”, which came in last year, will get a sequel, writes Empire.

So far only confirmed that the screenwriter Gary Dauberman , who also wrote “Annabelle”, returning.

“Annabelle” is known as a prequel to the 2013 “The Conjuring” and depicts the events before the film. The plot revolves around a demon-possessed doll that just named Annabelle.

The film was met with cool reviews but made headlines for entirely different reasons when it was stopped for “security reasons” from appearing in the French cities of Marseille, Montpellier and Strasbourg a year ago.

The reason must have been that fights and vandalism broke out in movie theaters where the film was shown.

Even “The Conjuring” will get a sequel, entitled “The Enfield poltergeist “. The film will premiere in June next year.


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