Friday, October 16, 2015

In order to offer a stable – Aftonbladet

Anna-Sofia Monroy had to leave “Idol”.

A statement that got many of the other participants to burst into tears.

– I was really surprised, says Frans Walfridsson after transmission.

It was between Anna-Sofia Monroy and Tove Burman , which hung loosely for the third time.

In the end, it was Anna-Sofia who left “Idol” 2015th

Something that got many of the other participants to start cry.

– It’s hard. I was really surprised. I think it is really sad Anna-Sofia had to travel quite easily. It is well that you have come all close and it will be so empty every week when someone has gone. Then one becomes really surprised now that she had to go because she’s been so crazy good before, says Frans Walfridsson and wipe away the tears.

“Not ready to leave”

Anna-Sofia Monroy was noticeably sad after the broadcast and cried several times.

– I feel … like that. It is very sad to have to leave. I’m not ready to leave. I really do not want to go home. You just want to continue to be here.

Why do you think it was you who had to leave?

– I think there were many aspects that recorded . Above all, it was all so good tonight and all delivered. Sometimes it is not enough simply. It feels unreal.

Laila Bagge think Anna-Sofia may have fallen on the song selection.

– I was rather surprised that Anna-Sofia got to go home. Tove has bagged before so I was pretty sure it was she who would have to leave. But I think Anna-Sofia had to go home because she walked away from the genre she usually does. She usually singing r’n’b pop and now she drove the country-pop. Which excels she is not as much.

“A blaring”

Also Alexander Bard was surprised.

– There was a bang again, and it was someone who really should have been top five in the race. It was like Magnus last week. One can see a trend there. When the dips slightly and get more constructive criticism rather than to diss them hard, then feel maybe the TV audience not as much. They think that they will still survive.

Tove Burman, who once again hung loosely, says that it all feels like an emotional storm.

– It is as hard as when Magnus got leave last week. Magnus and I had come together very closely and I and Anna-Sofia were best friends from the beginning. We, the two northern Swedish girls, have made this journey together.

How was it to hang loose again?

– really hard. It is just as bad every time. It’s really all or nothing then. I hope I will not have it sometime.


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