Friday, October 23, 2015

Alcazar on tour with sold-floor show – Aftonbladet

No one thought at the floor show.

But now Alcazar give extra performances – and after New Year they go on tour in Sweden.

– It feels like the story of our lives, we have all the time been the convincing doubters, but now it feels like a proof that hard work pays off, says Therese Merkel.

“Alcazars Disco Defenders’ run sold out on the Stock Exchange in Stockholm. Therefore being released tickets for the entire 13 additional performances. And after the end of the year takes Alcazar bring the show on tour.

But first, no one wanted to believe in a dinner show with Alcazar.

– It feels like the story of our lives, says Therese Merkel, 45th

“Got the convincing doubters”

Together with Andreas Lundstedt, 43, and Lina Hedlund, 37, represents her Sweden’s most disco group.

– We have constantly gained the convincing doubters. We started abroad with “Crying at the discoteque” to Sweden thought, “Well, the Alcazar is nothing for us.” Then poof hit with “Not a sinner …”. We have somehow always got to be the underdogs, so now it feels like a proof that hard work and hard pays off.

Why did people not on a dinner show with Alcazar?

– I do not really know, but there was probably still a reason that we got slammed. Had this come earlier in our career, it had not been as good, because then we were not ready. But now everything feels so right.

No time for the Eurovision Song Contest

It has been very difficult to get tickets to the Exchange.

– Yes, it’s so damn funny, a real luxury problem when friends give and wonder if you can arrange for tickets, but it’s completely knökfullt says Tess Merkel.

When you look at tour dates, it looks like there may be up to date with the Eurovision Song Contest this spring?

– No, we are not in the schedule. But the Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s funniest, that has meant a lot to us as a band. Maybe we can turn up anyway, coming directly from the show in the same clothes or something, says Therese Merkel laughs.


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