Friday, October 30, 2015

New Bond looks like before – Swedish Radio

So is it once again time for a premiere of a James Bond film, the 24th order, called the Spectre and the director is just like the previous film Skyfall, Sam Mendes, and the man who plays Bond – James Bond for the fourth time Daniel Craig.

If the previous film, Skyfall, marked some sort of effort to make a little blacker, more unpleasant Bond, so Spectre a return to a more playful, småironisk and as it should be, completely illogical Bond film.

I can see how the Franchise Company Bond movies, where Ian Fleming’s heir sitting around a gigantic conference table and sour is spinning his pen between his fingers, said: No thank you, Mr. Mendes . No deeper dive into some kind of seriousness, giving the audience what they expect: entertainment, and it should look expensive out.

And we, the prologue, mini history of its inception, this time set in Mexico City is an orgy of rhythmic film narrative where svenskholländske Hoyte van Hoytemas photo together with Mendes directing deliver inflated action where either the number of extras or expenses for clothes and props are stored on, the computer animation with the game so deceived you anyway me.

Meanwhile, the Mendes on a little thinner ice when he chooses to go back to any more of the ironic wink DEVICES Bond, for which we have been so many times. What remains is just kind without work. How can we do it this time .. it looks well cool out?

Well it does, and Christoph Walz he makes his patented villain at that sleezy way that only he can, but he got somebody directing? French Lea Seydoux shows that feminism has gone forward, in that she can even order their own vodka martini empty get Bond to say – I take a similar one.

Do you buy disjointed stories, ticking screens that display when the houses will be blown, and a hero who survives? Well, then you have two and a half hour decent posture in front of you. We had hoped for a little more content is also a little more disappointed.

Gunnar Bolin


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