Sunday, October 25, 2015

Seinabo Sey have set sinklocka and managed to ruin no longer away their chances. – Sydsvenskan

To be aware of its non outlived potential – to let their talent fizzle out by constantly taking sleep from his hypothetical career – is a feeling, justified or not, who needs an anthem. “Younger” was just that. “You is not getting any younger …” sang Sey with equal parts judgmental and pepper in his voice, for very many who would listen, and, one can guess, to himself.

In interviews, she said that she thinks she messed away a lot of time and therefore estimates that there are now record company people chasing her little and adheres to deadlines in the calendar. The estimate is probably reciprocated from the label’s directions, like a hundred million plus listens on Spotify later.

Now it is finally here, the debut. Many of the songs on “Pretend” has already been released in EP form, and the remainder was unveiled now in the final stretch, one after another. It is not a surprise package, but a chance to try to get a grip on her, and her greatness. Magnus Lidehäll has produced it all together, the unpredictable beautiful voice, Peppen and melancholy, an accessible also the monumental popformat.


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