Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Swedish bear population | Pustervik, Friday – Göteborgs-Posten


The Swedish bear population

Pustervik, Friday

Public: Sold

Best: Party atmosphere

Worst: Cooling off the wind could sounded better

There is something naive and kindly of art and music collective The Swedish bear population from Norrköping, rather they are cuddly teddy bears than wild predators. Something they underline by appearing in pajamas similar scene costumes in front of a twinkling starry sky.

Normally, the seven members of the band but on this tour is just sex with. Perhaps that is why it feels like something is missing in the harmonies?

Well, the energy of the seven they have in all cases. Already in the first song, James from the new album, they started singing along.

The quirky lyrics is one of the bear population stronger sides. The audience knows how songs can sing more than happy with. The fact is that the band lives a little too high on singing and recognition. It hides the musical performance on stage is not always on top, especially in the biggest hit Wherever in the world I turn. Audiences bawls happy with, but I’m a little disappointed. Worse, the Cooling off the wind that does not sound good at all.

But such country from the new album of the same name sounds fancy and we also get to learn what the lyrics “I was country and you were absolutely incredible” really means, it is so clear about small-town complexes, to get to Stockholm from a small town and feel bonnig.

The Swedish bear population learning course have had very limited experience of playing instruments before their first tour and there is something charming in that they learned afterwards. But it still sounds better on record than live. And is not it typical that one of the bears forgotten how encore go and get instant scratch a bit first. “There are so many notes to keep track of.”

But the art of carpentry trallpop with choruses that stick. Lättuggat and charming even though it rattles a bit empty at times.

As a party band works they still amazing so it will be a third in the rating. The Friday crowd at Pustervik sings and jumps enthusiastically from beginning to end. During the second song, Dance music, boil the dance floor and then keeps the bears mood at top concert through. An hour including extra songs are on the short side, however.


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