Saturday, October 17, 2015

Moderation is certainly the best – but can become boring – Aftonbladet

The new season will be fine.

The Damn fine, just as Niklas Strömstedt music.

But there are some damn problem with that too.

Sven-Bertil Taube , Lisa Nilsson , Niklas Strömstedt , Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base …

Anyone who has complained that “so much better” usually contain many narrow names that few know – it’s Apparently sick ailment googling and searching on Spotify for information – should thus be able to pick up a needle and thread and sew mouth shut for eight Saturdays to come. You smell of tacos?

TV 4 are made as Fredrik Reinfeldt former government. They have listened to the voters and “took responsibility” and recruited a team that does not even scare off a comfortable ‘Go’ evening ‘-tittare.

In the hard rock and dance!

there is not much to say about it. Moderation is certainly the best in the mainstream. Be careful with the salt, it can raise blood pressure.

The risk is that the suite will be quiet and boring rather than entertaining.

As the premiere section showed feels participants oddly homogeneous in their musical expression, even diverse backgrounds and ages.

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It is missing something that comes in from a more unlikely source and take the concept to the collar, something that has not occurred in front dinner table. Diligently wanted representatives from the dance world and hard rock is still missing in the format, oddly enough.

The Safe lunken may also be due to the program’s dramaturgy is screwed with steel bolts. Presentation, a little snuggle up, little music, little larva, some music, some tears, and a spralligt number that vents out the seriousness in the credits. And curiously little is said. Premiere with Niklas Strömstedt in first place was no exception.

Miriam Bryant was the best

The section went in the spirit Strömstedt image. It was polite and controlled, and hot and good. The most controversial still need to be Strömstedt being AIK football team. AIK Solna.

Lisa Nilsson tried to push him how it was that, as a young man with smooth skin, tour with Ulf Lundell. Niklas replied that the worst thing he did was throw out a remote control through the hotel window.

Sure. And the pope is Protestant.

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Many of Strömstedt songs have excellent melodies. But because they are produced as a glass of water, it should be fairly easy to add a little flavor and carbonation.

Miriam Bryant was the best both at the table and in front of the microphone – the surprise when she realizes To Strömstedt has been written “Light a candle”! – And Kleerup was the most original

And Lisa Nilsson was closed by singing phenomenal.

Is anyone surprised?


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