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- I lost 25 kg in 4 months Malin Levanon on preparation … – Aftonbladet

First, a celebrated and controversial supporting role in “The Flock”.

Now, an unforgettable portrait of a homeless tjackpundare in “Thief of honor”.

Malin Levanon, 37, has already begun to file the century to Guldbagge gala?

– I almost blush at the thought of such a thing, she says.

Just over two years ago, she was one of many actors who came with Anna Odell when her movie debut “The reunion” had its world premiere, and was a success at the Venice Film Festival.

then she was called Malin Vulcano. A few years back in time, her name was Malin Norberg.

As rename next time?

– Now I’m done with it, then (laughs).

– I played an unemployed actress in a performance art show in 2005 that dealt with the media industry. After it died Norberg and I made a symbolic new beginning with the name of Vulcano. Now I named it in the pass too. New name comes from that I got married.

Dream Role

Now that “Thief Honor” has premiered learn nobody has seen it forget the name Malin Levanon

in a hurry. Her portrait of tjackpundaren Minna is unforgettable. A dream role for any actress, any time.

– Peter Grönlund (script, direction) wrote the role for me. We had done (Guldbagge nominee) short film “The Clearing” (2011) together. It is a completely different story, but we are exploring the same world. So you could say “Thief Honor” is a depression. We have had a dialogue throughout the preparatory work, so I’ve been able to prepare and do research.

What kind of research?

– I have sat me into the ADHD diagnosis, interviewed people who have been diagnosed and who have been institutionalized, tried to sleep in prison.

How do you do that? One can not call and order room at the prison?

– No, it’s really hard. I began to rummage through old contacts, and tried to enter as a relative … you get a little creative in the pot, pure and simple.

Malin would not exactly tell us how it happened, but believe that prison nights were important for understanding how someone Minna, who has been in prison, thought and felt.

Malin Levanon has, she says, going all out for this role.

She had to drill into a tooth crown She had then a horse accident as a young man.

– It gives more credibility, social status is visible nowadays in the mouth.

– I also filled in all private scars, strengthened them, and so did I’m down 25 kilograms of four months from “The Herd” -inspelningen, so then it became much extra skin, it provides little rougher look.

“easy as pie”

How to go down 25 kg in four months?

– You train and you are dieting. Easy as pie. (laughs)

Malin Levanon says that “Thief of honor” is an important film, it gives voice to those who live on the margins of society. Those that do not normally get their voices heard.

– Often such characters, only one function, which is to be the failure of man in another person’s story.

– Minna is a survivor but its like. Absolutely no sacrifice, she is a business woman who navigate in this very tough world. I have never seen such a script written for a woman where you can be anything; tough, funny, ugly, she’s a tough bastard, but she also has its charm.

Many of those in the rest of the roles in “Thief of honor” are people, roughly, playing versions of themselves.

– Many of the film, I see the town. There has never been a secret that some of the movie is out of the habit, others during treatment, others are still active.

– They have been absolutely invaluable in this project as they have generously shared their experiences . I am impressed with how they managed the shoot so well, it’s tough even for real actors, but Peter created a very safe shooting environment.

Controversial character

Malin Levanon also reverberates in “flock”. Where she plays the mother of a teenage girl who is raped. Despite the fact that the guy who did the rape are convicted, turning the people of the small community against the girl and her mother, who has a reputation for both drinking and be a bit unbridled.

The director Beata Gårdeler did you was very brave. How dare you, for example, do nude scenes just after you had given birth?

– You do what is required for the role. I am very happy that I had the confidence of Beata to play that role, even though I had given birth ten days before we started filming. My husband and our infant son was present throughout the recording, so it was very special for me.

She and her husband met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. He is the “entrepreneur in tech.”

– How can it go when you’re in Cannes (laughing). My husband is fantastic, it is thanks to him, I have both been able to have children and do two obese films in a year.

Have sparked debate

The role of the “flock” However, right now, no favorite topic to talk about for Malin. The film has attracted much debatt.Många mean that the film’s plot is very similar to the so-called Bjästa case, highlighted by a report in the Swedish Television’s “Mission Review” a few years ago. The filmmakers say they have been inspired by several rape cases. The affected family has written to the debate. Not least think that the portrait of the mother in the movie is incorrect. The film has been notified to the Chancellor (Chancellor) of the one related to the vulnerable girl.

Was Bjästa case in your head when you made the film?

– No, it did not. But I really can not, I do not, it becomes so complicated to talk about it now that the film is in this process. It’s just unfortunate.

A much more pleasant topic of conversation, of course, what happens in January next year. Malin Levanon is sailing up as one of the favorites for a Guldbagge for best actress. Both the protagonist and the supporting role.

– The role of “Thief Honor” is indeed a very good role. But you can not think and calculate such, it becomes so abstract, I almost begin to blush at the thought of such a thing.


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