Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SVT renounces Karin Adelsköld – Expressen

Karin Adelsköld called Christer Sandelin “asshole”, after his statements that he wants to see Jimmie Åkesson as the next prime minister.

Now take SVT distance from Karin Adelskölds language.

“SVT does not stand behind what she writes, and we reject the language “writes the channel on Twitter.

On Tuesday published Christer Sandelin one criticized post on his Facebook page.

In the post wrote the artist that he wants to see Jimmie Åkesson as Sweden’s next prime minister.

“Sweden needs Jimmie Åkesson as prime minister now, and those who sit in the government and opposition should move there to those communities where nothing works anymore. Does anyone think we can help 2,000 refugees who daily into our country …… (but not in Norway not Dammark not in Finland does not), “he wrote.

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Karin Adelsköld was sharply critical of the post.

“Do not know what I’m most shocked: Christer Sandelin is a racist or that he can not spell,” wrote Karin Adelsköld.

After being criticized for post wrote Adelsköld on Twitter:

“I have now understood that Christer Sandelin is not racist, I was wrong. I want to apologize to him “she wrote, and continued:

” I think still that Christer Sandelin is an asshole. “

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Now select SVT to renounce his profile’s language.

“Karin Adelsköld tweeting in their own name. SVT does not stand behind what she writes, and we reject the language, “writes the channel on Twitter.

Christer Sandelin said Tuesday at Karin Adelskölds statement about him.

– Interesting she takes an insult to me as a dyslexic. A snappy comment like that. It can of course also be used when you want to write your article. I am not media trained. And I know you will tilt that too. But I’m not a racist. I is a humanist and multiculturalism. It is ready, he told DN.


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