Saturday, October 24, 2015

The offender’s teachers: “We are in total shock” – Radio Sweden

According to police, Anton Lundin Pettersson lived in Trollhättan in his life and he is not convicted of a previous offense. One of his former teacher says that he was an “ordinary student”.

Anton Lundin Pettersson went on Lichron Teknikgymnaisum in Trollhättan. According to the school principal and the teacher, Marie Louise crooner, he was low-key.

– He was an ordinary guy, a polite, nice, good guy. He did not make much noise, he did go on the industrial track and it’s clear that vocational teachers had an even closer relationship. We are in complete shock, says President Marie Louise crooner on Lichron Technology Gymnasium.

Anton Lundin Pettersson was 21 years lived in an apartment about four kilometers from the krona’s school; the school where he was with a sword and a large knife killed a teaching assistant and a student, and in which two more were left injured.

On his Facebook page could, among other things, infer an interest in hard rock and video games, today the page shut down.

Anton Lundin Pettersson also had an account on Youtube where he showed an interest in electronic music and hard rock, including the German band Rammstein.

On Youtube page also reveals more political manifestations . These include movies that glorify Nazi Germany but also more documentary films depicting Nazi weapons and uniforms during World War II.

Other Youtube movies he liked about the Sweden Democrats, they have titles like “Jimmie Åkesson lecturing Stefan Löfven “and” Jimmie Åkesson butcher Gustav Fridolins everything for all thinking in the parliament “.

According to the Sweden Democrats in Trollhättan, he is not a member of the party.

On Youtube Page is also a movie , which translated means “to mock Islam should not pose a the death penalty, “the film refers to the shootings in France in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The police are now convinced that Anton Lundin Pettersson had a racist motive.

In his apartment found a kind suicide note as well shows that the attack was planned, but also that it was driven by racial grounds. The events were filmed by a camera at the school that shows how he marches in the corridors and chooses dark-skinned victims.

The side of Anton Lundin Petterson is not something that the principal of Lichron Teknikgymnaisum Marie Louise Croon saw when he was a pupil at school.

– We have not seen any trends in what happened, that this student would have the kind of opinions during the time he was here, she says.


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