Friday, October 23, 2015

Lena Andersson releases new book – Göteborgs-Posten

Lena Andersson has received over Sweden to fall in love and horrified over her character Ester Nilsson’s love problems. In November she comes with a new book in which existential questions at the center.

The author and journalist Lena Andersson’s books about Ester Nilsson was read by many and arbitrary decision – a novel about love won both the August Prize and the Golden Pen in 2013.

Now she date with a new book, based on the answers she gave in the P1 program Seriously.

The program is based on listeners ‘own questions about life and answered by program leaders’ thoughts and personal experiences.

Lena Andersson has led the program in two phases and has now compiled the answers to thirty questions for a book.

The questions are answered These include how to relate to death, whether one must love their parents and what will happen with color when it fades.

The book is called like the radio show, Seriously and comes out at the end of November.


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