Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hugh Grant buy houses in Sweden with Anna – Expressen

Hugh Grant buy houses in Sweden.

Together with the Swedish Anna Eberstein he has become the owner of a condominium in Skåne worth six million crowns, writes Aftonbladet.

Actor Hugh Grant, 54, and Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, 35, has never gone out with that they’re a couple but have a son together.

And now they are also the owners of a house in Sweden. According to Aftonbladet, was the acquisition clearly 15 October and in the case of a detached house in Torekov, Skane. They should have had to pay six million crowns.

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According to the newspaper owns Grant five-sixths of the villa, while the rest are on the Eberstein. The property is 122 square meters and the reported plan a major renovation. Even Ebersteins parents own a country house in Torekov.

But the villa in southern Sweden is not the only house purchase for the couple. In today’s issue of Expressen Extras reported that the two also are in search of a luxury apartment in London.

Recently seen Grant and Eberstein check on a flat in Kensington with 5-6 bedrooms. The price tag is 78 million – but even this property will have a hefty refurbishment.

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It’s not just the price tag differs from the villa in Torekov. The apartment in London is much greater – the entire 308 square meters.

Anna Ebersteins mother’s Social Democratic parliamentarian Susanne Eberstein. She comes from Sundsvall, but I myself have country house in Torekov.

She does not say anything about her daughter along with Hugh Grant bought a house in Torekov yet celebrates the little Scanian fishing location, which in recent years has developed into a exclusive summer paradise.

– It is a great place and it’s fun to be in Skåne since Skåne and Norrland differ from each other in many ways, she says.

While housing hunt is in full swing awaits the two also rise. In August came the news that Eberstein is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

– I have two wonderful grandchildren, and hopefully I’ll have more grandchildren. I have hopes of several grandchildren, and I think that’s great, said Ebersteins mother Susanne Eberstein then.

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