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October 21, 2015 – Now, the future is here! – Swedish daily newspaper

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After dizzying flight with Doc’s DeLorean to the future 2015 ports Marty McFly in a café with 1980 -talstema in the introduction to “Back to the Future 2″. ’80s nostalgia is big now, “declares the inventor Doc, which in retrospect seems prophetically accurate by the filmmakers Robert Zemeckis.

Interest in” Back to the Future “trilogy itself is well-proof it, like the recovery unit from 1980′s going on in Hollywood. The recently announced “Die Hard 6″ combines the observation with the equally strong uppföljartrenden, as Zemeckis also predicted. In “Back to the Future 2″ pops a kackigt 3D animated shark up and “devour” Marty McFly, while it advertises sequel number 19 in the “Jaws” series.

The countdown on the site

The cult around “Back to the Future” films, and especially the specific date of 21 October 2015, which plays a major role in the second film, have proliferated on the Internet. In July 2012, launched the site to count down to date and to take the sting out of the many false date which started circulating. Digital forums have fans all over the world for years charged for the correct day. In Sweden, the film will appear on 54 locations around the country.

Many companies also draws attention to the classic movie date, and the fact that the trilogy turns 30 this year. Pepsi manufactures “Pepsi Perfect,” which appears in the movie, in limited edition. The technology company Arx Pax launches its Kickstarter-funded hover boards and shoe manufacturer Nike has stated that they have a self-string end shoe and again, just like Marty McFly tests in the film. And of course, there is now a fake trailer for “Jaws 19″ on the web.

Robert Zemeckis was yourself long skeptical about doing a sequel to the first film. Especially hesitant he was to place the document in the future because the future of books on film tend to quickly become dated and right silly. He has quite right. Although it still managed to “Back to the Future 2″ pretty good in the portrayal of society 2015th

Robert Zemeckis. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / AP

The automation has come a long way, although we do not have missiles that go out with the dog (yet). Google Glass-like glasses are introduced in the film, like fingerprinting and eye scan. Unfortunately, however, neither the flying car or hovering skateboard (despite the fact that they exist at least at the prototype level) yet had any major impact.

Even if the film still stresses the fax as an important means of communication and failed to predict the Internet, it is perhaps ahead of its time. In one scene shows USA Today newspaper and a notice says that the president of the United States 2015 is a woman. The next presidential election will determine exactly how much life has imitated art at that point.


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