Friday, October 30, 2015

Tove’s tears – after his best friend had to leave “Idol” – Aftonbladet

They found each other in “Idol” – but after the two friends hung loosely received Ida da Silva leaving the program.

Then came the tears.

– It is very heavy, says Tove Burman.

In the sixth Friday the final of the “Idol” was written between Ida da Silva and Tove Burman . The vote was an emotional process for the two friends, and when it became clear that Ida da Silva forced to leave the program broke down both.

– It’s really hard to Ida got to go. The longer it has gone in the contest and when pitted against those that have been closest to, it becomes so terribly heavy. We are in this bubble and when someone torn out of this bubble becomes really like this person disappears, says Tove Burman Nöjesbladet continues:

– I’m sorry, it does not feel good at all. Me and Ida came so close and always pepped each other. We had a special relationship.

Do you miss her?

– Yes, very much. We’ve shared everything with each other during this trip.

“Did not think I would start bellowing”

Ida da Silva’s tears did not stop flowing

– The is heavy, said a weeping Ida da Silva.

– It’s just empty, I have not really taken it in, but it will come soon. It was incredibly difficult to stand against Tove.

Meanwhile, says Ida da Silva that she is at it, she would smoke.

– It was so strange, we sat on the couch just before the transmission would start and then I said to her that we will hang loosely, and I go. And so it was so.

– I thought I would start bellowing that I was hanging loosely but it was because I saw her standing there.

Now, Ida da Silva do everything in his power to Tove Burman proceed.

– I will vote for her all the time, she’s great. It feels great that she went on.

What do you do now?

– I do not know, I have to land. It is so difficult for you have not prepared themselves to go out. It will bang on. So now it home and work on. Home to Helsingborg. God yes.


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