Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Maria Edström about Jon Fosse abandon the drama of the prose – Swedish Radio

– He began writing drama for what felt like a lighter touch, but all the premieres around the world became tiring. Moreover, he had a lot commissioned works. He said: “I would like to be an ordinary person who goes up and eat breakfast and have time to read the paper.” So stressed he was. I would think that prose is a way to turn inward and get some peace and quiet.

Would it be a great loss if Jon Fosse began to focus entirely in prose?

– Yes, in a way. It’s always fun with a writer who has many strings to his bow. But even in his prose, he writes rather similar as he writes in his drama. It is this rhythmic, a little singing, the repetitions, the silence … It is like the same language, whether he writes prose or drama.

He received the prize thus the prose trilogy, Sleepless, Olav’s dreams and Evening Ning, which are published in full in Swedish yet. What can you tell me about it?

– It has signed long segment, since 2007. It ties together many of his themes: A young couple who have it and do not get tangled together a normal family life, it is a theme that goes back at Fosse.

– In the last part, it is their children who remember back how it was. And he works often, to the generations talking to each other.

Hear the whole conversation with Maria Edström in the audio clip above.


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