Thursday, October 29, 2015

Twin Daddy can not renounce paternity – Swedish Radio

The man from Malmo who wanted to renounce the paternity of her twins to be considered the father of the children. There, the Supreme Court decided today.

The married couple had twins after receiving assistance abroad with so-called in vitro fertilization. The woman received two embryos to increase the chance of getting pregnant, but when it became the twins did not want the man to accept paternity because he had only agreed to the transfer of a fertilized egg.

Both the District Court and Court of Appeal has previously decided that the father will continue to be the father of the children. Now, states thus the Supreme Court verdict because it believes that consent is valid with regard to the interests of the children to have a father.

The goal has been described as unique and is also the first of its kind. But Svante Johansson O, judges of the Supreme Court, said in a statement that this type of case is expected to become increasingly common as the medical knowledge.


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