Monday, October 26, 2015

Lisa Nilsson goes on tour – after the success of “So Much Better” – Aftonbladet

Lisa Nilsson riding “So much better” effect.

In the winter, she draws on a great tour with 28 concerts in Sweden.

– I like the tour buses, falling asleep to the sound of snoring men, says Lisa Nilsson Nöjesbladet.

The beloved singer Lisa Nilsson going on tour in several Nordic countries with a total of 28 gigs in Sweden.

After all the years of the culture and the music industry, one would think that Lisa Nilsson got tired bumpy and crowded tour buses, but the fact is that she prefers to sleep in tour buses in front of the hotel room:

– I sleep great at tour buses. Much better than the hotel where I have difficulty falling asleep. I love the sound of all that sleep, for example, the sound of snoring men. I usually get the fantasies of it as a kind of rabbit burrow. All are crowded in small spaces settled fairly close to each other, around each other. It is very cozy. It also affects the tension in the belt. Releasing garden if you see others come out crawling out of those dungeons in the morning, says Lisa Nilsson Nöjesbladet.

The children must follow

In order to bring together family puzzle will her children, 4 and 8 years old to go on some tour stop:
– It will make a plan with the school for weeks that it touches. There will be some extra homework and so, says Lisa Nilsson.

The interest has increased by “so much better”

Now, in autumn, we can see her in TV4′s Saturday entertainment “So much better “where she and other artists interpret each other’s songs. Lisa Nilsson believes that her participation in the program may encourage her tour:

– Yes, I think so. Tours are generally better off if people are up to date and get medieuppmärksammhet. Many who may not actively seek out information starts to do it when they get hit by something they saw on television, that they think are good or so-so. I noticed that after the first weekend of “So much the better,” says Lisa Nilsson.


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