Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sandelin: “Sweden needs Åkesson as prime minister” – Aftonbladet

Christer Sandelin, 53, wants Jimmie Åkesson as prime minister.

On his Facebook page allows the former Freestyle member of a political position.

“Does anyone think we can help the 2,000 refugees who daily into our country?” he writes.

The artist and songwriter Christer Sandelin hope for the Sweden Democrats in the next election.

He wants to see their party leader Jimmie Åkesson as Prime Minister, he writes in a post published on his open Facebook page during the night of Tuesday.

“What is it happens ??? “

” Sweden needs Jimmie Åkesson as prime minister now, and those who sit in the government and opposition should move there to those communities where nothing works anymore, “he writes, and continues:

“Is there anyone who believes that we can help 2,000 refugees who daily into our country …… (but not in Norway not Dammark not in Finland do not). What is going on ??? “.

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” Fuck this crap “

A few hours later, the artist has updated its position with additional a post.

“This has nothing to do with racism … Just realism ….” he writes.

The post has been famous names to react strongly.

“Is this for real? Fuck this crap. He-man lost it, “writes the artist Kleerup in the comment field.

Sandelin respond to some of the responses in the comment field. At this writing, the post over 60 comments.

Christer Sandelin broke through with Tommy Ekman in the group Freestyle in the 80s. They had hits like “Want you,” “Fantasy” and “Eyes that glitters”. Group disbanded in 1989 but reunited later in Melodifestivalen 2003.

Aftonbladet have searched Christer Sandelin.


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