Saturday, October 24, 2015

Miriam Bryant steals the limelight So much better – Göteborgs-Posten

Sven-Bertil Taube is Saturday’s main character in so much better. But the outspoken Miriam Bryant continues to steal every scene she’s in.

Day number two So much better and the gang on Gotland wake up to Calle Schewens rolling .

The whole gang? No, Kleerup seems set to tryna away the entire morning when a frustrated Miriam Bryant goes up and wakes him. Småsur he sits down in a lounge chair in the garden, staring toward Bryant (who lectured him again) and waving irritated with his arms. “A typical syskonfnurra” states Lisa Nilsson’s diplomatic analysis.

Shortly after the entry also today’s protagonist into the plot. The stylish green slacks and sunglasses in the neckband makes Sven-Bertil Taube entrance into the garden, where the gang (minus Kleerup) cooked breakfast for him and very, very gently presses the 80-year-old doyen of his women’s business.

– I have had nice with many women, or with a number anyway … I can not complain, says Sven-Bertil and signals discreetly that he liked to change the subject.

He also finds time tell me a little about his failing eyesight before breakfast rounded and participants play boules, throwing darts or repaired their performances, where Niklas Strömstedt have chosen Evert Taube Nocturne. Which Sven-Bertil seems to appreciate.

– Oh, good choice. The text’s very erotic, it depicts the moment after lovemaking.

– the love ..? wonder Miriam Bryant.

– They have been thus explains Niklas Strömstedt.

Afterward, point out a laughing Miriam Bryant that she probably knew what Sven-Bertil meant but made a point of their different choice of words.

– I’m telling you to fuck, as well.

On Ison Glasgow question about what it was like to grow up with such a famous father says Sven-Bertil that he felt proud when people on the street greeted Evert. So much more about his upbringing, we must not find out. Except he was five years old was the model for his artistic mother Astris famous boyfriends fountain at Grona Lund.

– Is that you ?! It’s totally insane. Awesome, that is. Awesome cool, says an impressed Miriam Bryant when Sven Bertil also tells about the family Taube many artist friends.

– Yes … awesome cool, says Sven-Bertil Taube.


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