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     The nominees

         The nominees





Today it was announced which books have chance to August Prize this year. A total of eighteen titles have been nominated in three categories – and several of DN’s employees have the chance to get the price.




Today was announced which books have chance to August Prize this year. A total of eighteen titles have been nominated in three categories – and several of DN’s employees have the chance to get the price.

Agneta Pleijel autobiographical novel “The estimations proved. A girl’s memoirs, “Carola Hansson’s” Masha “, debuting writer Stina Stoor with his short story collection” Be like people “and John Ajvide Lindqvist’s” Movement. The other place “. They are all nominated in the fiction category along with the book “Mary”, written by the recurring DN-employee Aris Fioretos.

Even Jonas Hassen Khemiri, whose last book was forgotten in the nomination of the publisher, was this year acclaimed by the literary jury with his new novel “The thing I do not remember.”



– It feels great to be nominated. This is a book I lived with for a long time and it feels great that it gets the chance to find out to new readers, says Jonas Hassen Khemiri.

In this year’s non-fiction category sprawl trends at many places, said jury chairman Billy Ehn on stage during the release:

– But there are some themes yet. Many of the books involving serious subjects, of wars, climate change and many other tough topics. There is no “coffee table books” this year, said Billy Ehn.

The majority of the nominated writers of non-fiction category is employees at DN. Among the names are Karin Bojs “My European family for the last 54,000 years,” Maja Hager’s “Dearest Herman. Rasbiologen Herman Lundborg mystery, “Karin Johannisson’s critically acclaimed” The wounded divan “and Magnus Linton’s” drugs – a Swedish history. ” Lennart Pehrson, nominated for “The New Town”, is the only of the authors, not directly linked to DN. However, he has worked as an American foreign correspondent for the newspaper for many years.

The nominees for this year’s Children – and the young adult became this year Hanna Gustavsson’s “Iggy 4-ever”, Eva Lindström ” Everyone goes away, “Frida Nilsson’s” Ishavspirater, “Jessica Schiefauers” When the dogs are coming, “Helena Öberg and Kristin Lidström” Your turn, Adrian “and Emma Adbåges” Now it is late! “.

– The is the giant great that the man sitting in the house and do is appreciated. And that somebody has read what you have written in the way that I wanted it to be read, said Emma Adbåge.



Jessica Schiefauer, which was awarded the August Prize in 2011 for his book “The boys” are cheering now that the jury has noticed her book “When the dogs will.”

– It feels fantastic. This book, I ached with for 17 years and tried to write three times. But now I dared at last and I am super happy! I have worn like an animal. I think that it liked for it is the greatest bloodiest seriously both in terms of violence and love. It says “listen to me”, I think, says Jessica Schiefauer, now intend to celebrate with “something bubbly”.

Because contributions to the Little August Prize are selected anonymously Sofia Dorotea Svensson Lund nominated with two entries: “Suicide Letter” and “Two wrongs make a right.” Even Maria Kotaleskis “Summertime”, Rasmus Bjerkander “It is in no way special,” Lovisa Lyngfelt “Dream Land” and Saga Miketinac “Gudrun, Simone, Sven and I” is nominated in this category.

On Monday 23 November held August Gala – then we will know which three of the total of eighteen nominees books awarded prizes.

Jan Eklund: Tough list, but soft options

Photo: Magnus Hallgren The jury made the right unobjectionable selection of the year’s best books. They chose off the soft and kinder alternatives; This is a tough little list of books in serious subjects requiring long surveys.

The art of the trade prose’re creating vibrant, engaging and perspektivrik prose of everything you have (often too much).

If I had to choose my favorite it may be Karin Johannisson “The wounded diva”. She almost always lives in the history of ideas and writes with essayistic ease about difficult things. This time about what is regarded as feminine madness – with rich examples from three artists of modernity 1900s: Agnes von Krusenstjerna, Sigrid Hjertén and Nelly Sachs.

A deeply poignant examination with dedicated language that still maintaining its scientific rigor, wrote Agneta Pleijel aptly in a review here in DN.

If I still missing something? Absolutely. Most Roland Paulsen “We just obey” and Mikael Holmqvist “Djursholm. Sweden’s leadership society.” Two sociological works which says a lot about the new Sweden; social criticism is scathing. Read them beside Magnus Linton’s nominating “drugs”.

They were all worth a djefla nice price. It had probably even August thought.

Jonas Thente: The jury directs our attention back in time

Photo: Magnus Hallgren

The more books published, the more significant will be screening mechanisms. August Prize dictation is becoming more important. This year, the literary jury ruled on 158 titles, and has chosen to focus our attention on the major retrospective intrigue. Maybe it says something about our immediate contemporaries that we like looking at history to find explanations for why we ended up where we are, and who we become. Four of the nominated titles, I kept entirely obvious. It was Pleijel, Hansson, Fioretos and Chanhassen-Khemiri. It is a solid choice and quite heavy, melancholy, traditional novels with panache.

The two surprises was the debutant Stina Stoor, whose short story collection “Be like people” greatly impressed when I read the . And John Ajvide Lindqvist that the “movement” combines the genre of literature with social analysis in a way that never have fallen an August Jury on the lip before.

And so, one can lament and recall the titles that just as well could have been nominated. Karolina Ramqvist “The White City”, Elise Karlsson’s “Line” Tom Malmquist “In every moment, we are still us life” and – in the shabbily treated lyricism ratio – Aase’s “Hackers”.

Lotta Olsson: Good to note series

Photo: Magnus Hallgren

There is wide spread at this year’s children’s and youth nominations for the August Prize: two comics, a mellanåldersbok, two picture books and a youth. It is liberating representative of a class that covers almost incomparable categories.

For the first time, two cartoon comic books nominated, which is particularly interesting because it is sparsely about this in the Swedish children’s literature. It is a pity that it is still an unusual genre, when it can be as good as Hanna Gustavsson’s prick safe youth series “Iggy forever” and Kristin Lidström and Helena Öberg’s graphic novel “Your turn, Adrian” (Mirando), which caters to younger Children (9-12 years).

These were the newcomers in children’s and young adult class. The others have been nominated earlier; some have even received awards. Jessica Schiefauers young adult book “When the dogs will” has been pre touted for a while, she got even children detective price Spårhunden at the book fair in Gothenburg.

The author Frida Nilsson with his imaginative “Ishavspirater” and the picture book artist Emma Adbåge with its “Now is the late “both belong to the cream of the children’s book industry, and the veteran Eva Lindstrom has now received its eleventh nomination for the picture book” Everybody goes away. “

All nominees were worthy laureate. Personally, I would have nominated Anna Höglund “being me” and Mia Öströms “Shadow Summer”. But one can not have everything.

Read the DN’s live reporting retrospectively here:






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