Thursday, October 15, 2015

Frederiksen: “Is a good place in life” – Aftonbladet

He is one of Sweden’s largest – and shyest – artists. She is one of Norway’s greatest actresses and is about the secret.

But now they talk to along his love.

– I’m at a good place in life, says Lars Frederiksen in this week’s “Skavlan”.

In this week’s episode of the talk show is visiting Lars Frederiksen, 39, along with his fiancée Agnes Kittelsen, 35. In the interview, they talk about how much they have in common, including how they both tend to feel uncomfortable in social situations.

– There are many things in Lars that I recognize myself in while I feel very understood by Lars says Agnes Kittelsen.

And Winnerbäck agree.

– I actually think we’re very similar.

“The better place in life”

In the meantime, they have met Lars Frederiksen lying low with the music, but lately he has taken the first steps to writing new material.

The program premiered, he plays a new song – “I have bought a car “- and the love is heard in the music, he says.

– It is clear that there will be marked that I’m in a better place in life now than the last album.

was in May last year which Frederiksen told me that he and the Norwegian actress are a pair. They met in connection with Lars made a cameo in the Norwegian TV show “Day” where Agnes is one of the major roles.

He had seen the series before – and he knew who she was.

– I had hoped that you would be there then, but it was not you that particular day, he says to her.

“Got to know him through the texts’

Agnes, in turn, did not know who Lars Frederiksen was, but she says she got to know him when the show’s director took her to his concert in Oslo.

– There’s something in Lars texts I always recognize me and they say a lot about the man he is, she says.

Since then, travel between Sweden and Norway have been numerous lovers.

This summer, it was clear that they will soon marry. Despite this, none of them plans to change the country. Both have children from previous and it complicate a move.

– I want to be as much as possible with my son and as much as possible with Agnes and I will try to fix it, says Frederiksen.

Skavlan broadcast in BBC1, Friday 21:00

Guests are, apart Lars Frederiksen and Agnes Kittelsen, author Marian Keyes , host and actor Felix Herngren and hotel magnate Petter Stordalen.


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