Thursday, October 22, 2015

“A pleasure” – Anneli Dufva about Magnus Uggla at the Theatre schooner – Swedish Radio

Yesterday was the premiere for the set, “Hey! Pop music, kicks off on clothes,” and the artist Magnus Uggla, the schooner Theatre in Stockholm. Anneli Dufva reviewing.

For text says Martin Luuk, a member of Killinggänget and later acclaimed for his novel “God has too much time,” the director Sunil Munshi , who last made the “Dictator Wives” at the city theater and on stage: Magnus Uggla himself and three musicians.

Anneli dove you were there last night – what did you see?

– I got to see a stripped Magnus Uggla, dressed in black jeans and t-shirt and without sunglasses, making a sort of cavalcade of his life there songs and memories are mixed. The music is almost entirely taken from his first discs – song Hello is the featured on the debut album If Bobbo Viking. Martin Luuk writes in the press material that Magnus Uggla was his first point, the one that got him to move away from the conformation and he always retained the old Magnus with him, and somehow nurtured a dream to see and hear him again. Something he then realized.

And what do you say about it?

– Yes, I could have said the same thing. I also listened very much on the early discs, they are in my blood. I noticed that I still can each word in Give life a chance. I liked the second disc, the theater of life, very much, but the dissar Magnus Uggla total this – and says he would have liked to get away from both Spotify and Google.

How does it sound, musically?

– It sounds so good – he sings so good, the musicians are tight, there is a real pleasure to get music numbers. Time Capsule opens, and the whole audience probably would really have liked to get up and sing with.

But speech then? Martin Luuks text?

– Well, it’s fine – a childhood narrative, pretty much straight up and down, in the first person and, it seems, most based on Uggla’s own memories, if the little boy in Östermalm, which looks like 12 when he is 17, which is expelled from school after school because he is so messy and who find their greatest security of maid Poppe – because both parents are busy with their jobs. So there are a class perspective where upper-class boy who did not perform as he expected to do makes its mini-revolt and living on soc and go clubbing dressed in glitter and platform – a popoffer, which he so proudly calls itself.

– It is the private Magnus – the angry, please, little guy with a strange, sweet stage personality. But he also reflects both their time and our country. He’s a ordlekare, an heir to both Karl Gerhard and Povel Ramel – a welfare state hypocrite and a truth-teller who has a completely different tone and voice in what he does.

– So I will be charmed by this adorable baby of their time – and I think it is super fine he chooses to end it all with the old Swedish top song Mälarö Church – which he soon made his own version of, but also with its traces of the boy who plays both the Beatles and Bach and want everyone to hear that the two “equally beautiful is” – also he himself, who is now an adult sings Schubert with his elderly mother, the knowledgeable music theorist, who once started to cry of disappointment and walked away when he had concert, says Anneli dove


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