Saturday, October 17, 2015

“So much better” lack crying factor – Expressen

A tentative and enjoyable start.

But where are the emotions that will endure?

“So much better” lack crying factor.

It is absolutely correct to begin with Niklas Strömstedt, which is a urhärlig person with a musical treasure chest and huge TV habit. He serves as a safe host before roles are seated and the other participants begin to relax.

In the first season of “So Much Better” missing frames of reference and the original participants tried a little naive front. It was fresh and new. “So much the better” has since gone up and down.

From the beginning there was almost no artists who dared to set up. When the program was a great success, was suddenly performer small queue at TV4, which is a sort of senior citizen “idol”.

TV4 has learned from their mistakes – the program will be best with the right mix of doldisar and welfare-state artists.

There seems promising. The first section is wild brain Kleerup a low profile, which I hope is a one-off. Miriam Bryant, the least well-known name in the crowd, however, may be space and she really lifts the program with profanity, spontaneous exclamations (“Did you write that song ?!”) and sloppy table manners among kindpuss spirit, perfect toasting colleagues.

It is clear that the performers this year want to test Amanda Jenssen’s successful concept from last season. She wrote about “When we dig gold in the US” and now mounted Niklas Strömstedt’s clever Swedish texts down to clumsy English.

It’s already done, leaving no major wow-feeling, even though Bryant buries the bird for good and sing about getting high.

The only time it burned to was when Strömstedt shared his difficult childhood memories, but it felt fast inslängt the end.

I calls for more TV minutes at open artistic heart where follow-up questions may be asked and have time to viewers in depth is concerned.


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