Monday, October 26, 2015

One of the “Star Wars” -dräkt arrested – Vasterbotten Courier

A man dressed as the furry hero Chewbacca was arrested in Odessa on Sunday after he refused to show his ID. The man in Chewbaccadräkten had driven the Ukrainian “Internet Party” mayoral candidate – “Star wars” -skurken Darth Vader – to a polling station during a local elections.

It took four police officers to wrestle the growling activist and he was fined then an amount corresponding to SEK 63.

The man in Chewbaccadräkten said afterward to the local media that he will not pay the fine then his “intergalactic bank” does not have offices in the earth.

Last week, transformed the artist Alexander Milov a Lenin statue in Odessa to a statue of Darth Vader, and last year asked the politician Viktor Shevchenko up as Darth Vader in the country’s presidential election. His candidacy was not accepted.


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