Friday, October 16, 2015

Five wrong about the 2015 “Back to the Future” – Sydsvenskan

first Self tying shoes

When Marty McFly need new clothes to fit into the future of fashion style, it will be self-tying shoes from Nike.

According to the company as ongoing development of self-tying shoes, but they are not yet on the market

second Flying cars and skateboards

No, we have no flying cars in 2015. In contrast, test driving Google self-driving cars and rumored to rival Apple is also about to launch a car. But despite several years been rumored a “hoverboard” – a flying skateboard – it is still the traditional board on wheels that comes in the streets. But that may soon change in the near future.

third Self-drying clothes

When Marty McFly discovers that Hoverboarden not manage to fly over water, he gets into the water. Fortunately, his jacket a built-in hair and clothes dryer. Not bad.

4th Robots that go out with the dog.

All dog owners have ever hesitated task of walking the dog in the rain. In “Back to the Future II”, the problem is solved with a flying robot that looks to Fido get the exercise needed.

5th Play video games without using your hands

In 2015, ports Marty McFly end up in a retro cafe, where there are arcade games from the 1980s. He tries to impress the two boys by quickly shoot the bandits with the arcade game related gun. The boys’ reaction? “Do you have to use your hands? It’s like a baby’s toy.” The closest we have available 2015 Kinect for Xbox. But then you swing your hands in the air.

In contrast, so hit movie right on some points. Weird glasses with the opportunity to learn about information available (Google Glass), video telephony available in every mobile phone, and just like in the movie used eye scan and fingerprint readers this year.

But fortunately never hit the “double tie” through:


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