Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aftonbladet reveals: Samir & Viktor ready for Eurovision Song Contest – Aftonbladet

Samir & amp; Viktor is ready for Eurovision Song Contest.

Aftonbladet can reveal that the duo will race again next year – with a song written by Fredrik Kempe.

– It’s very “hittig,” said a person with transparency.

Samir & amp; Victor returns to the Eurovision Song Contest next year, Nöjesbladet reveal. According to several independent sources duo will be competing with a song which, among other things, is written by Eurovision veteran Fredrik Kempe.

According Nöjesbladet informant Samir & amp; Viktor looked tracks to race for some time, but finally found the right place.

– They’ve known of several songs, but now it is certain that it will be the one who Kempe has written, says a person close Melodifestivalen editorial staff.

Four wins

“Paradise Hotel ‘profile Samir Badran , 25, and fashion blogger Viktor Frisk , 20, surprised many when they formed a duo and released the song “Success” is the summer of 2014, and thus got the year’s big summer torment.

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In Melodifestivalen 2015 reached the finals and finished in eighth place with the song “Groupie” and followed since up with one of the year’s most popular summer plagues “Saxofuckingfon”.

Fredrik Kempe has written over 20 songs for the Eurovision Song Contest and has won the competition four times as a songwriter, with songs “Hero” ( Charlotte Perrelli ), “La Voix” ( Malena Ernman ), “Popular” ( Eric Saade ) and “Undo” ( Sanna Nielsen ).

Badpojken want to compete

At the end of September, closed Melodifestivalen jury themselves to select half of the songs that will compete in 2016. The other half choose Melodifestivalen editorial with schlager general Christer Björkman in the head.

In business everyone talking about several well-established names who want to be fighting for victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 but not yet to have been definitive answer from SVT. Among these are, for example, Pernilla Andersson , Ola Svensson , Sean Banan , Mariette Hansson , Isa Tengblad and Badpojken as last summer had a minor hit with his tribute to the John Guidetti .

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