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1 Bond, two helicopters – and 1500 extras – Aftonbladet

MEXICO CITY. 1500 extras, massive skulls, Mexico’s largest squares, two helicopters and echoing carnival music.

Amid the colorful and noisy chaos is Daniel Craig in sunglasses and suit and just smile.

Welcome to the recording of “Spectre” – the world of all time most expensive Bond film.

We are in the Plaza de la Constitucion. It is the end of March and for four days occupied the giant square in the center of Mexico City by the well-oiled chaos as a Bond film today means.

Most of the recording job has in recent months already wrapped up in Rome, the Austrian Alps, Morocco and London.

But one of the key sequences remain – the eleven-minute long introduction on the Spectre.

– Bond tracks a killer. The hunt brought him here, in the midst of “Day of the Dead,” says Barbara Broccoli , who together with his brother, Michael Wilson , produces “Spectre” and has worked with the Bond films in more than 40 years.

From the roof terrace of the Grand Hotel, we see tens of thousands of curious stretch your neck in hopes of getting a glimpse of the star behind police cordons guarded.

Greater than “Moonraker”

We see the extras dance and sway to a mariachiband. We hear the high drums and fireworks that burned off. We see Bond chase Marco Sciarra (played by Alessandra DeCremona ) through the crowd.

– This is the largest introduction ever made on a Bond film, says Wilson.

– The only thing that comes close is “Moonraker” with the carnival in Rio, but it was not as tough as this one.

The festival atmosphere is torn apart by a deafening roar from a helicopter at low altitude fly in over statistically ‘heads and lands in the middle of the square.

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There, Bond hold of Sciarra, who try escape in the helicopter. 007 catches on and becomes a wild fight in the air.

Behind the controls sit stunt pilot Chuck Aaron , 66, one of three pilots in the world that is licensed to do somersaults with helicopters.

But in Mexico City can handle even he does it.

The city is situated at 2300 meters altitude and the air is deemed too thin. The elements have therefore been filmed on an airfield north and will then be woven into the trim.

– For insurance reasons I must not be in the air, said Craig makes his fourth Bond film and celebrates the tenth anniversary of 007.

– We have been a stunt double for.

A lot to live up to the

The scene was preceded by a chase across the rooftops and a Bond short, passionate moment with Estrella, the Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman (also take part in the TV series “Narcos”).

– I think it was a beautiful scene, she says when we next day meeting at St. Regis hotels in the city.

– If it is sexy is difficult to answer. I can only hope that people like it.

Three years ago, “Skyfall” the first Bond film to record more than a billion dollars, equivalent to 8.4 billion.

It was raised to the skies and won two Oscars. The bar is thus high for “Spectre”.

– Hopefully we’ve made a film that is better. All I can say is that we have done the best we can, says Craig.

The script has been written by John Logan , along with Neil Purvis Robert Wade (which, among other things, wrote the script for “Casino Royale” and “Skyfall”.)

Wrestling Champion will torpedo

“Spectre” begins two months that “Skyfall” set point and Bond have been terrorist organization Spectre on the tracks.

Aside from the Judi Denchs M, who died in “Skyfall,” the producers have largely gotten together the same formation.

Director Sam Mendes is back.

– They had to pay him a shitload have Craig said.

Naomie Harris repeats the role as Miss Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw portraying once again the headstrong inventor Q.

Ralph Offered is the new M while 51- year-old Italian woman Monica Bellucci and 30-year-old Frenchwoman Lea Seydoux compliment Bond’s life.

Against them are 007 former wrestling champion Dave Bautista . He plays Hinx, torpedo for Spectres leader Mr Oben Hauser (Academy Award-winning Christoph Waltz ).

Cost: SEK 2-3 billion

But quality costs . Officially, “Spectre” gone off on two billion. Industry sources testify even bigger imagination sums – up to three billion.

Broccoli and Wilson would not specify the numbers.

– Our father, Chubby Broccoli , always said, that it would put all the money on the silver screen. We have really done, says Barbara Broccoli.

Wilson laughs when asked how long he will be nervous about the film’s reception.

– At least until Christmas.

“Spectre” get Swedish premiere October 30.


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